Personal Launch monitors

I’m not here peddling 25k trackmans, but wondering what the consensus is on lower tier launch monitors. Anyone have or try the ES14? Worth it? Accurate numbers? I imagine I’m going to look like a hardo on the range, but it would be interesting to have that kind of feedback as long as it’s generally precise.

MyGolfSpy tested personal launch monitors a few years ago

also FlightScope Mevo is a newer contender

Ernest sports is a no go for me - I had an es16 to test and it was pure garbage with off the wall spin rates compared to my GC2… I’ve heard good things from others about the flightscopes but haven’t heard or seen anyone with a mevo yet. Kind of depends what your looking for in accuracy and information vs cost. Trackmans/flightscopes (Doppler’s) for outdoors are top of the line - foresight gc2 and quad for indoors (camera based) are the best. The options in between all have some level of drawbacks from those and a commensurate reduction in price.

I have a Mevo. It’s a pretty cool device. It doesn’t track side spin at all, though, so you’re really just getting a carry distance and related numbers. If you’re using it with a net, it’s better outdoors than indoors. I don’t really use it at the range that much, because range balls aren’t that consistent, and you’ll get some weird readings from that.

The Mevo has been on the short list of golf related purchases. You said that you don’t use it at the range due to the balls and from that, I conclude that you use it into a net outdoors with your current ball. How do you use the Mevo as an aid? Should I save my money?

The biggest thing I’ve used it for is to dial in my launch angle and spin with my driver. That’s good for the range. The rest of the time has been with a net mostly, yeah. It gives a little more feedback than just hitting into the net. I’ve tried to use it to dial in half wedge distances, but I’ve mostly tried that at the range and the ranges I go to just don’t have balls that are consistent enough. If you had a range with practice ProV1s or something like that, it would definitely be much more useful.

It’s still $500, right? I think in that price range, it’s probably the best launch monitor out there. Whether it’s worth probably depends on what you’re looking for.

Had a Skytrak. Pretty accurate P-4i but couldn’t get much 3h, 3W, D. Wedges seemed hard as well. There’s also a little bit of a struggle hitting indoors for me.

i have a mevo, its a great device for full irons and wedges… semi reliable for fairways/driver. overall ive found it to do a really good job of dialing in my shots/clubs from around 80-220yds

i had a swingcaddie before the mevo and its was pretty comparable in performance

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I looked a bit. Seems to me they’re just a $500 item to tell you pretty much how far you’re hitting the ball. You could pay for a LOT of trackman sessions and get better data I think.

$10/half hour at the local PGATSS simulator, not sure what kind of launch monitor but it is not a trackman

Various other simulator/launch monitor rentals around here are $60-80/hr, with the most expensive being in the city

I like the Mevo the most because of its portability. You can’t use those metallic dots at a driving range though, so it limits its usefulness as a practice tool. $500 is a lot of money to figure out how far you hit the ball.

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Spin, launch angle, clubhead speed, ball speed… it does more than just distance.

My competitive juniors use it all the time. It’s very helpful for them to monitor certain things (they can be different per golfer).

Big fan of the Mevo:

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how is it without the stickers?

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Stickers are useful for more accurate spin, but I almost never use them. Outside my spin numbers are great, and indoors they’re often very good.

That’s what I wanted to hear. Can’t play golf, bought a net for the backyard and a mevo hoping to dial in yardages. Thanks

I like my Skytrak and use it at the range every now and then.

That review for the Mevo is one of the most thorough reviews of any launch monitor that I have seen. Unbiased, detailed and thorough - Awesome!

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Thank you.

Thinking about putting in a pre-order for a Mevo+ and was curious if you had gotten your hands on one yet?

Not pulling the trigger on that thing until I’ve read/heard enough testimony of it’s performance.


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Really appreciate all the reviews. I’m unable to get out and play and envisioning a summer of essentially only 15-20 rounds with all of what is going on. So, decided to order a good practice mat and net for the backyard to work on dialing in distances for course management whenever we open back up.