Payne's Valley Cup

Anyone know what sweater Rory’s wearing?

Glad there is this tread to keep up with the match. Hopefully I can catch the replay on demand later on.

Dude Perfect guys in the gallery.

270 yard downhill par 3?!

Love to hear Rose “thin to win”

Well, looks you came to the right place:

These Tiger tee markers are gigantic.

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Biggest crowds these guys have played in front of since March? That’s quite a gallery behind them.

Yeah, really solid social distancing they’re doing, too.


I can’t figure out why this annoys me, but it really does. (Shrugs)

Sharp looking course. Might be worth the trek to play there and Ozark National?

Dude Perfect’s media guy is Hashtag Chad so that could have something to do with it as he spent a long time with Callaway

Do I not know how best ball works? Why did Rose and Rory win that hole?


Bass Pro Shops has been a Dude Perfect sponsor for a while. They make appearances in Branson all the time for Bass Pro related events.

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And they’ve done multiple videos in Coop with Bass Pro. Well aware of the why. Doesn’t change my indifference to seeing them on TV.

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I’m not sure even I can handle a stay at the Bass Pro Shops Lodge. That might be just too much ‘Murrica.


Does each room come with a gun?

It’s modified so if the low ball ties they go by lowest score on the other balls


Jesus. I thought Rory’s caddie for this thing was Greller from a distance and about shit myself.


Cool to see Cat wearing an ensemble from the Soly collection.