Pants chat


Talk to me about golf pants.

I’m after something slimmer fitting to wear in summer so being lightweight/cool is a big priority.

Any experience with the Uniqlo Kando pants? Are the Adidas Climacool that much cooler than the 3 stripe (I tried on the 3 stripe but can’t find the climacool near me)? Anything else I should be hunting down?

Golf course attire


Tiger really nailed this one.


I am the same way I like more slimmer fit I like the following:

Iliac Golf

The rest are all too baggy and too much fabric


I love me some rain pants. The baggier the better.




Not kidding try the pants from target that are from the golf line. Not super slim especially by the ankle but they are so reasonable that you can grab all three colors for the price of one adidas pant. I really don’t wear pants much golfer as I am a self professed fair weather golfer but I like the cheap tech material they are made from. It’s stretchy and comfortable enough that for $30ish I’m all in.


I just made my first Linksoul order. Got a few pairs of the Torrey pants and the Bamboo stretch chinos. They both seem very high quality. Can’t speak to durability yet as I just got them. The bamboo stretch pants are quite possibly the most comfortable pants I have ever worn and are thinner so would be perfect for summer. Besides that I really like Express slim chinos. They are currently having a 40% off sale. Picked up three more pair online today


I’m a huge fan of the Lululemon ABC pant. They’re by far the most comfortable pants I’ve ever worn. They’ve definitely got a more modern fitted look and are very breathable. As a plus they allow for plenty of flexibility as I crouch and look at a five foot putt from every conceivable angle before pushing it off to the right.


If any of the taller guys can chime in (@Randy) with some suggestions. I wear a 34x36 and obviously cant ever find anything in store so I turn to the interwebs. All the hip new companies (Bonobos, Linksoul) don’t carry 36 length in their golf lines. I’ve had some luck with JCrew and LLBean from time to time but its always hit and miss on what they have.


I can’t find a picture, but all pants talk starts and ends with Rocco Mediate.

“Hey, kid, come over here,” he heard a voice say, and he looked up to see 1973 British Open champion Tom Weiskopf waving at him. Dutifully, Rocco made his way over to Weiskopf’s locker.

"Do you think the people who paid money to play with you today want to see you looking like that?" Weiskopf said. "You want to be a pro, you have to look like one. You need new pants – real pants."

He handed Rocco a card. “Call this guy. Tell him I told you to call. Get him to make some good pants for you.”

Rocco did what he was told. Since that day he has worn nothing but tailor-made pants on days when he goes to the golf course on tour.


The Old Navy Slim Go-Dry pants have been a game changer for me. Can regularly get them 40% - 50% off as well.


this. the old navy pants fit pretty slim. great material and about 100 bones cheaper than the ABC pants. ABC pants are nice as well if it fits the budget.


@Tron has the market cornered on Euro-fit super tight golf pants


I’m all aboard the Lululemon train. The Commission Warpstream slims might be exactly what you’re looking for. Lightweight, wrinkle-free material and they’re almost stretchy like exercise clothes. I don’t get hot in them ever. Even in a mid-Missouri heat wave. Only pants I’ll ever wear on the golf course.


I’m not an overweight guy by any means (6’2" 190) but I honestly don’t know that I could shove myself into those pants.


They make relaxed/regular fits too that wear like a potato sack on me because I have the legs of a juvenile Robin… Same material and quality. I’m pretty convinced @Tron rocks the slim fits like me.


If you want really cheap check these out:

From my experience they’re as good as Lululemon, nice slim fit with tons of stretch

Edit: just saw other suggesting these, they are awesome!


I’m another one who agrees with the Old Navy pants. I work at a course so I have to wear pants all the time even during the summer and these pants are great and can be had at a great price.


I’m a 34 length pant and have trouble finding pants too, best I’ve found so far is under armour on their online site. They have a lot of sales so usually you can find them reasonably priced most of the time and they fit well and are comfortable.