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  • Tiger Woods 2018 season
  • The PGA Tour
  • Major wins as a method of separating the good from the great
  • Qualifying through Q-School as opposed to Web or Challenge Tour
  • Getting equipment to improve your game
  • The Masters


  • The US Open
  • Justin Rose
  • Jim Furyk
  • The standard of the European Tour


I always thought it was funny we let the guy who won the most “majors” decide that the “majors” were the most important events.


Overrated: ‘Putting the clubs away for the winter’. I never understood people who bury the clubs in the garage once the weather turns. Like, what do you do all winter? How do you even watch TV without grabbing one of the irons leaning up against the wall in the living room and working on your takeaway?

Underrated: Winter golf. Cold weather, beanies, coffee, and low expectations. The course is quiet, and you can zip around the loop. I played my best round at my home course here in early December, 40 degrees, cold drizzle, 18 holes in 2 hours.


Everything else here I would at least agree that you could make a legitimate argument.

You can only consider Tiger’s 2018 season “over rated” if you either anticipated the early 2000’s dominance of Tiger or entirely discredit all of his health issues including 4 back surgeries and what was likely a dependency if not an addiction to pain medications.

Leaving golf out of the conversation, many people who have been in a similar place (chronic pain & drug abuse) don’t ever recover. To not only recover but become both competitive and relevant in the game again is absolutely remarkable.


Throw this one in the Contrarian Takes Thread


OK - main point being is that I struggle to see Tiger’s season trending towards winning more than one or two tournaments and he still does have a lot to prove that he can beat 139 other players over 72 holes.

His single best day, the Sunday of the PGA, was still not good enough with a big wide off the 17th tee and another guy in great form who was just better than him on the day.

Agree that what he has done has been very impressive, but I don’t see the burning desire to really grind and win more than a handful of events between now and when his body and mind finally do give up the ghost. Just my view of what is more likely.

  • Qualifying through Q-School as opposed to Web or Challenge Tour

This one doesn’t make sense as Q-school doesn’t hand out tour cards anymore and the vast majority of players have to go through Q-school to get to the Web tour.

  • Major wins as a method of separating the good from the great

Sort of agree. I still think major wins is the best metric to go by for ranking players historically. In the short term, I agree there are better ways to determine who the better player within a single year / multi-year stretch

  • The Masters

Curious about the reasoning behind this one. My favorite tournament of the year to watch by far. Consistently delivers.

PGA Tour = over-rated, European Tour = under-rated

I would switch these.

  • Tiger’s 2018 overrated.



This just doesn’t make sense. Tiger shot a 64 and Brooks shot a 66 on Sunday. Tiger was better than Brooks on Sunday, but not on Thursday.


If you think about where Tiger was a year ago this is hard to argue for. I think almost everyone here would have taken no WDs due to injury as a success.


Brooks did what was required, and with a shot to spare.
In years gone past, guys would have crumbled with Tiger on the charge. Especially playing in the same group.

Likewise, Molinari at the Open (again, playing in the same group and did what was required).

It seems there isn’t a fear factor any more - which was probably worth a couple of shots for Tiger in most of his big wins between 99 and 08.


How does this make what Tiger did accomplish overrated?


Obviously it’s a process to get back playing. And he certainly showed signs, but there are now dozens of guys who can beat him, even when he is on it. That wasn’t the case previously.

But there is a reason why so few guys have won much beyond the age Tiger is now. It’s tough out there.

If I was to bet on what number of majors Tiger would win next year, I would bet 0.
That doesn’t mean he’s finished, just that he’s now ‘in the pack’ as opposed to ‘the best’


So his 2018 season is overrated because he’s older, not as dominant, there are better players on Tour now and they don’t fear playing against him?


You make one facetious comment and you get beaten to death by science.

I’ll tap out now. No one can beat your spinonomics! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


The fact that another major is even in the conversation shows how well his 2018 went. A year and a half ago we hadn’t seen tiger swing a club full speed since his surgery.


That’s not untrue, but at the end of the day Woods is driven by majors. I’m certain he will consider it a failure to have gotten to 14 majors within 11 years of his career and then nothing for the remaining however many after that.

It strikes me as key that in this ‘phase’ of his career Woods appears to be more open and happier to engage with and be genuinely friendly and warm with his peers. This wasn’t the case when he was dominant and I feel it is because he knows he is not going to be dominant and needs to get something else out of the game psychologically to motivate him and keep him on tour.


According to Tiger, he wouldn’t consider it a failure. Here is an excerpt from The Big Miss, where Haney questions his desire to win more majors. I think it’s crazy that he said this.


Sad that Tiger doesn’t even know his career has been a failure…


Yeh - I don’t believe that someone who is as focused as he is and basically a competitive nut and a winner at all costs would genuinely think this or say this and mean it. Given what he has had to come back from, I think there are very few people who would have the desire to come back… especially given that money is not a concern for him and he could do plenty of other things to earn good money if he needed it for whatever reason. The main reason he has put himself through everything is to see if he can add to 14. And obviously he can, I just think it is unlikely.

I think he will be having sleepless nights about the Open and PGA as chances to add to 14 that he didn’t quite manage. Certainly in the case of the Open where he had the lead and gave it away on the back 9.


Overrated: @official_Grant ‘s intimate knowledge of Tiger Woods’ headspace