Overrated Underrated Thread



  • 3 club tournaments. It’s fun to hit shots with clubs you normally wouldn’t use from certain yardages. Nothing like sautéing a 7 iron in from 100 yards.

  • Simple white golf hats. Especially cotton ones with a small logo you can get a lot of miles out of one of those.

  • When there are lots of water coolers and bathrooms on the course. Adds a lot of enjoyment to a round but is a subtlety many courses overlook

  • Cross Country tournaments. I always look forward to this tournament at my home course it’s so fun to hit weird shots around the course you never would have gotten to hit otherwise

  • Fresh gloves. Nothing like caving in to spend that $22 dollars on a new glove after using your last glove untill the fingertips wore completely out

  • Spikeless golf shoes. Now seriously this is taken for granted but I remember the days of trudging 36 holes in heavy all leather spikes that didn’t breathe at all. I would tape the back of my heels before I played just because I know my spikes would chafe that area to hell. Now you can essientially have a waterproof sneaker that is so much lighter and they look better too.


  • Doral Blue Monster. This course will run you the same as Peeble Beach and I can’t remember any hole on that course except for 18

  • Dicks sporting goods golf section. Now that golf galaxy has left my city (Oh how I miss spending hours in the simulator trying new clubs). I’m now reduced to a local golf store which does not have much apparel and Dicks. I can’t bring myself to search through all the slazenger and top flite merch to buy a decent Nike or under armour shirt for 80 chones.