Overrated Underrated Thread


Underrated - charley Hoffman. Ben Curtis. Nick Price. Lee Trevino. Tom Lehman. Jordan Speith. Nick Faldo (for the young kids that only know him from announcing)

Overrated - Rahm. (Great young player——just not ready to pick him for every single major yet like so many people have been)


Underrated: How good the Quality is of Erik Anders Lang’s Adventures in Golf videos are. That dude is talented. I have watched them all and would recommend watching if you haven’t. I wonder why there hasn’t been one in a while.


Concur. Based on his instagram feed it looks like he’s currently filming Season 3. I hope he’s eventually able to turn them in to half hour shows. He’s a cool and interesting dude.


Overrated: All golf club/ball “technology”, Pete Dye courses, Ricky Fowler, water hazards

Underrated: Launch monitors completely destroying the idea of swing plane, discovery of face to path, Phil Mickelson, Sweetens Cove


More like overexposed.


I think that they are in the process of making a season 3 and will release them weekly once it is finished.


Overrated: Determining whether players are overrated/underrated. Who cares?

Underrated: Enjoying the game in all its different forms. Different style of courses, formats, etc. It’s all better than working, I guarantee it.


Playing without yardages is UNDERRATED


I wish Hoff was a friend of the pod, he has sneakily turned a nationwide career into some stout finishes in big tour moments.


I didn’t know PLHR made the move here from WRX


overrated - caring so much about golf course architecture that it impacts your enjoyment of a tournament. Focus on the players and their storylines, the course should be a footnote.


Yes! I try to point out that Hoffman has the same number of wins as Rickie, and he has been just as involved in majors lately (although rickie finishes a little more solid).
Why do “experts” in the media care so much more about rickie? My only guess is because they are more focused on things like their hats than their actual games. Generally speaking people seem to love rickies hats and hate Charley’s. I couldn’t care less. Don’t get me wrong, I am a Rickie fan too for sure, but just trying to give some perspective.


Same number of PGA Tour wins, but Rickie has a better win, and Rickie also has two Euro tour wins.

This just isn’t true.

Well he is a much better golfer. Fowler has been a top 10 player for a majority of the last few years. Hoffman more often than not is found between 30 and 70.


No doubt that rickie is better, but I wouldn’t say “much better”. I’ll give you that I was reaching too far by saying charley was just as involved in the majors—-my point was that he’s been a factor in almost all of the majors recently, but is never taken seriously. He will show up on a Sunday eventually.


alternate shot format. true test of friendship


Overrated: threads about contrarian takes, threads about overrated or underrated stuff.

Underrated: Smart arse Irish men going meta on Refuge threads.


My buddies and I played 2 v 2 alternate shot at the end of last summer (we’re all in the 8-12 handicap range) and it was REALLY fun. We were all just good enough to play well yet bad enough where if someone shanked one their partner was like “yeah I woulda probably shanked that too”

Would recommend at least once a summer everyone’s 4some does it - good way to mix it up and not play wolf, best ball, etc


underrated - match play, @Tommy_Raynor on twitter

overrated - the black or red prov ball numbers. So often a playing partner says “I’m playing a red 3”… meanwhile never have I ever noted the color of my ball’s number before teeing off. Have a marker in your bag!


If my dad and I have free time after being busy until 3-4pm during the summer, we will go play a full 18 playing alt shot on 1 ball and can play in less than 2 hours if we don’t get held up by any groups.

Alt shot is very underrated


When we do multi-day buddies trips we add an afternoon of alty shot. Golf your own ball in AM. Nice big boozy lunch and alty shot in afternoon. Always the best day of the trip