Overrated Underrated Thread


I’ll start…
Bobby Jones is vastly overrated and wildly romanticized.


Jason Day, Dustin Johnson, Martin Kaymer, Henrik Stenson, and Lee Trevino are underrated.

I can’t think of anyone overrated at this moment let me think about it…


Like Tommy Fleetwood?


Warning: Hipster/Golf nerd comment ahead.
Tournament Golf is overrated
Buying new clubs/caring about your equipment may be the most overrated thing ever

Going opposite field on this one:
Playing in a cart is underrated (hold for exceptional, inspiring courses that offer caddies)


Agreed on the equipment, but more specifically the ball. This may be better suited for the contrarian takes thread, but unless you’re basically scratch, the ball doesnt matter. I always laugh when a 15 handicapper (like myself) claims they will only play a specific ball (usually a ProV1), when in reality they would have no idea if i switched their ball out for an old Maxfli.


TW is underrated


Tiger is totally underrated. He’s in a category with Pele, Ali, Jordan…maybe Gretzky.


Overrated: 7,000 yards. Most courses can accomplish more under this mark and 95% of golfers have no business playing that long of courses.

Underrated: log tee markers. I’m not kidding. I walk on a course, see those and I’m immediately feeling it.


Underrated: Midsize grips. My God…Can’t say enough.

Overrated: Yardage books.


I wouldn’t say Martin Kaymer is underrated - dude has 2 majors and a players - the reason he doesn’t get talked about week in and week out is because he’s fallen off the face of the earth with his game…

maybe to the “average” golf fan he might be underrated because they have no idea what he’s accomplished - but I think among the fans who know their stuff he’s rated very well


Rickie Fowler - Overrated

Only saying this so he goes out and wins the US Open… it worked for The Players!


Honestly I think JT’s run recently has been slightly underrated. He hasn’t missed a cut since The Open last year (can’t really count the Zurich). Within that span the worse result he had was T47. Maybe I’m a homer but its kinda amazing that JT has been within the Top 25 within almost every start he has.


Underrated: Walter Hagen, Billy Casper, Tom Watson, Nick Faldo

Overrated: Byron Nelson, Arnold Palmer, Greg Norman, Bobby Jones


Jordan Speith is overrated at golf.


Underrated: a loose, casual drop of the club after a shot. Somewhat sheathing it. (As opposed to a club twirl)


You just aren’t good at club twirling




Overrated: 99% of all golf shoes produced from 2012-18, Steve Stricker, buying more than 1 driver in a 4 year span, everything in Vegas related to golf, rangefinders, water on courses, Colonial, Memorial, Pebble, and I’ll go there: Riv.

Underrated: stableford, taking 8i or longer around the greens, Big Randy saying he has family in Greenville then immediately backtracking on that statement, Padraig Harrington, the Walker Cup, reading comments on Instagrams of private clubs of thirsty guys trying to play there (“wow, so good, bucket list, dying to get out there!”), Graeme McDowell, David Duval, Rafa Cabrera Bello, Austin CC, Harding Park, Jim Urbina.


Jesus. That was beautiful. Comprehensive effort. We can put this thread to bed now.


I remember when Kaymer won the US open and the next day I heard on multiple sports talk shows (non golf) and read in multiple places that no one had ever heard of him. Which was a WTF moment because he had already won the PGA and had hit world #1 prior to that.