Orville & Wilbur Present: The Big wRight Miss. Now the "Not That Pine Valley Invitational"

Still 2 spots left at Pine Valley for Friday and 8-9 spots left for River Landing Sunday

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Weather is looking perfect. Note the humidity @58% which is unheard of for June. All those fancy creams and powders don’t hold a candle too Argo corn starch. Cheap as fuck and available at any grocery.



Reports from this past weekends senior city open… muni is firm fast and the greens are spicy :hot_pepper:

For those playing pine valley Friday also firm and fast beat course conditions I’ve seen in 7 years word of advice be below the hole!

River on Sunday is perfection as always!


Corn starch, the eternal fix to cook’s ass.


Speaking of cook’s ass, I’m thinking of exposing YHM to Jimbo’s for breakfast or lunch


Oh man…yes! Breakfast will certainly give him all the fuel he needs :slight_smile:


I was thinking about breakfast, but a fried bologna sandwich on Friday might be the play

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Perfect!! Bologna, fried egg & cheese hits the spot every time!

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Jimbo’s breakfast slaps! Fried bologna pre round Friday sounds wonderful and awful at the same time.

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To be sure, it’s an all or nothing play. Boom or bust.


Still need one body for Saturday, if anyone has recruits please let me know!

We like the weather forecast!

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Please go to the spreadsheet and plug in the tees you plan on playing on the pairings page, I will do the best I can to have handicaps figured for as many as I can Saturday.

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Now need 2 more for Saturday… about time we start texting random people.

Looks like @yungbunzz is down for the blue tees, based on the yardages I’ll have to move up to whites, hope that doesn’t throw a wrench in things

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100% not a joke. The event is being moved to Pine Valley Country Club located at:

500 Pine Valley Dr.
Wilmington, NC 28412

Tee times will be spread out and format may vary…Meet at PV instead of Muni.

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I’m at the Muni, I’m out on pine valley.

@FirstFlight Aviators,

I can not thank you all enough for rolling with the punches this weekend and turning a shitty situation into an amazing day of fellowship and fun!

We collected a plethora of used clubs and balls to be donated to the First Tee and Bunkers in Baghdad. Photos to come later.

Enormous shout outs to the following:
First and foremost the pro shop of “Not That” Pine Valley. We collected a rather large tip I will be dropping off with a Thank You card tomorrow.
@RDUgolfer for being my calming voice Saturday morning.
@Harper and @Double_Bogey_Dave for taking over scoring and skins.
@deez_nauts for hosting at Goat & Compass.
@JoeCostello for being a partner in crime planning the weekend.

The final quota results and points distribution went as follows:

1st Rhoward 5 30
2nd DBD 4 20
3rd JnorwoodFive 3 15
4th WesterJ 2 12
T-5 lottasap 1 9
Yungbunzz 1 9
T-7 KyaKona -1 2
Turtle -1 2
Rudd -1 2

For those of you counting at home yes that comes out to 101 points not 100. @Are_you_double_D gets the bonus 1 point for an alleged late night memory. If you have issues I’m sure a boxing match could be arranged and you could fight him for it.

If you have pictures, funny stories, recommendations for next year post away.

Please plan of joining us next June when we run it back for year 2 of the “Not That Pine Valley Invitational”


Thank you for hosting and putting on such a great event. I’m sure there’s lots of video from Friday night.


Fuck a duck, I forgot to drop my boxes of golf balls off. I will hold on to them and will donate at the next FF event I get the opportunity to.