Orlando Course that Encapsulates Florida Golf?

I have done a lot of digging on reddit, golf wrx, and now will on NLU for a course to play in Orlando. There are a lot of threads on best public, but I’m looking for something a little more specific.

I want a course that you think defines (maybe even stereotypically) Florida Golf. To me that is flat overall, not necessarily flat greens or subtle features, palm trees, and water hazards.

I’m coming down from the northeast and rarely get to play in FL so I want something that feels completely different than what I normally play.

I am going to try to get on Bay Hill but not sure if the championship tear down will be complete by the time we are in town.

Any suggestions of something that has that aesthetic?

Winter Park 9

It’s the best course in the area but not necessarily symbolic of Florida golf.

Maybe Innsbrook Copperhead? Lots of water, super green, famous for dumb “Snake Trap” set of holes, overly hard, uninspiring overall.

EDIT: I’m dumb, this is near Tampa.

pga national?

edit: nevermind i saw you were in orlando. sorry

I think I looked at looked at Innisbrook as well but it was a hike.

Thanks for the suggestion. I think I may try to hit this up as well if I can squeeze in another 9.

In Orlando, I’d consider Grand Cypress (not the New, which is meant to be a links, modeled after St. Andrews Old), Championsgate, Reunion, Shingle Creek, and Mystic Dunes. Those mostly fit the bill of being “typical” FL golf, but are still pretty solid. I think Bay Hill is probably your best bet, if that works out.

Not typical of FL, but my favorite course in the Orlando area is Mission Inn - El Campeon. It is great, mainly because it has many features you can’t find in the area, but I get that’s not what you are seeking.

Awesome, thank you for all these. I’m doing all of Streamsong so I will certainly be getting my share of scale and elevation changes there. Haha.

I second Mission Inn, awesome course.

Maybe Orange County National as well

Looks like Bay Hill is out. Their men’s club championship is the weekend where I can play in a Orlando.

Grand Cypress has closed all the courses but the new course. Villas are going up

Mission Inn does looks pretty sweet.

Not going to find this hole in New England.

Only issue may be the drive from Disney area as my window may not be able to handle that drive.

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The Deltona Club is about 30 to 40 min outside Orlando. It is extremely affordable and would be a great warm up before heading down to Streamsong. It doesn’t encapsulate Florida golf though. One of the few Florida courses I have ever played with no water. It had great elevation changes and holes the are fun but will make you think.

Ok cool, will definitely put that on my list to look into.

What are the prices like for OCN and Grand Cypress in May?

Definitely need to check out Falcon’s Fire, not far from Disney total Orlando golf with solid conditions. Another fun track would be the Legend’s Walk at Orange Lake, par 3 course lit up at night walking only. Orange County National is another sweet Florida track. Metrowest was pretty good back in the day, haven’t played there in forever. Also the Palm and Magnolia at Disney it pretty “Florida golf”.
Finally Waldorf Astoria and Reunion probably the best around Disney. I spent two years working at Grand Cypress and I wouldn’t recommend it until they are done with their renovations in 2022.

Thank you for all that detail. Are the Disney courses decent condition wise? One of those may make the most sense as my wife will be at one of the parks with our niece.

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They have always been in good shape, you cant go wrong with the Palm or Magnolia Course. Both have hosted PGA Tour Events. The other course you should check out is Tranquilo at the Waldorf, its right on Disney property.

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Reunion has three courses, I go on an annual trip there. All three are really fun. Watson is my favorite, but you can’t go wrong. It’s pricey, but it’s excellent. Best wishes!