Oregon Trail: Refuge Edition: LiRoy Survives... for the moment

Also, speaking of how woke DBT are…do I even need to highlight it?


The hightop kicks WITH velcro…


Was just going to say that.
Saw Drive by Truckers a while back and they put on a great show. Saw Isbell and the 400 Unit at a small venue a couple years ago and they were awesome.
Saw them again with Father John Misty a couple weeks ago in a bigger stadium and it was just as good. Maybe because I am old and like to have a seat to sit in.
Also someone talking about Musgrave and Maren Morris: Morris and Isbell’s wife Amanda Shires and Brandi Carlile and Natalie Hemby are forming a group called Highwomen. Just released the single off the album.

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Are you referring to the bass player accepting their role as a non-equal and standing back from the front line? #woke

Really @Lazstradamus?

The high tops? Too clever by half with this take. lol

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You guise are aware that we have an entire thread dedicated to this EXACT topic, right?!

Was coming here to post this. Very pumped to see what these ladies are able to do together. Are all complete powerhouses.


@alexshreff comin in here with his old man shoes



If that’s my only legacy from this forum, I’m going to die happy.

Ha ha! First Amendment!!! I can say whatever I want wherever I want!!! Fire in a crowded theater!!! Gun in a schoo… wait



That sign is probably less than 15 miles from my house. What a hero.

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Speaking of heroes, I played with a lurker (Harry) and Matt Cardis who you may know on instgram as Golf In Your State last night at Soule Park.

Matt’s next initiative for golf is really important and exciting stuff. Follow him for sure. Good man with some really good news coming.


If we’re going deepwoke on music…

Bon Iver ex-skinny love is good and all, and Volcano Choir may get you hipster props,

but DeYarmond Edison is probably the best showcase of how good of a songwriter/musician Justin Vernon is.


6 (feet) under

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Oregon Trail was fun, but I think it’s over now, guise.

Family Feud remains my elusive dream. Sorry @DeepFriedEgg. So so sorry.


Nice! Saw that photo on his insta. If I didn’t feel like it was already done or biting his style I would love to do a somewhat similar concept I have an idea for and try to create content out of it. I’m searching right now man lol.


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