One and Done Golf Pool Websites?

Live and die by for office pools for Majors (edit: now that I offer this link/site, I’m not sure if they host for every tournament or just majors…)

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@beckman3 I’m not sure on that since I’m not the commissioner. From what I gather, the site is pretty flexible. He changed ours from a one and done to a two and done. He also has substituted in a few Euro events.

I’ve used Fantasy Fairway the last couple years. I haven’t had a big enough group to go in on a private pool, so I’ve always just joined one of their public leagues. I’ve liked their setup a lot! Really no complaints. I think it’s like $15 to join a public league, but there are prizes for winners. If I had to make a gripe it would be that they don’t start the league in the Fall swing. The season goes from the Sony to Wyndham (although I’m not really sure what this year will look like). It’s fun to play though and I highly recommend!

Update: I didn’t finish reading your post before I posted this… They do scoring based off of earnings in the public leagues. I’m not sure how much flexibility you have in the private leagues, but it’s worth checking out!

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I’m in one on, it’s not bad. Our season runs from I think the WMPO through the tour championship but I’m sure you could alter the start tourney. I think it costs like $25 to run a pool but I’m not sure. Keeps track of earnings and FedEx points so I’m sure you could run it either way.

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Looks like the PGA fantasy page isn’t supporting one and done for 2020. Anyone have a free site or resource they’d recommend?

I spent hours last year trying to find a decent site that i liked, one that was free but I had no luck. I ended up using last year. I thought it was a pretty good site. It’s not a free site so depending on how many people are in your One and Done, you’ll have to pay for it - i just paid for it and took the cost out of everyone’s entry fee. can score by earnings or by fedex cup points. I will say from previous sites I’ve used and also using for one and done, there are a few differences with If you’re using FedEx Cup points to score, you’ll need to make sure you select guys that are members of the PGA to get points. I learned that last year when i selected Thomas Pieters for a tourney but never received points because he’s not a PGA member. would just let you pick anyone in the field and give them winnings or points for whatever place they finished. is not like that. For earnings based, you won’t be able to pick amateurs as they don’t technically earn any money so therefore won’t give them any earnings.

If you’re the commish, you do have the ability to make selections for people who missed the deadline. That was a nice feature - and a pain in the ass too :). I’m the commish in my pool and there are always a few people who miss the deadline each week. I could look and see who didn’t make a pick, tell them to send me who they want and i could go in and make that change for them. You can also see who has made a pick before the tourney even starts and therefor can reach out to those people to have them make a pick.

Also, this site doesn’t have an app but the mobile site works well and is easy to use. The site worked well last year so i’ll be using it again.

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Also, they only have 33 possible tourneys to score from, startings with the Sentry Tournament of Champions. They do not do the Zurich classic because it’s a “team game” and also they do no do opposite tourneys like the Barbasol, Barracuda, etc. Here’s a screen shot of the tourney’s you can score for.

Is there a refuge run one and done or fantasy league ? Have an itch now that football is over


Would be fun to do a Refuge one. I’ve been doing the public leagues on the last few years because I can’t seem to find a large enough group interested in a private one. Points are on $$ earnings. I’m assuming they’ll keep doing it this year, but haven’t seen the link to Public Leagues open yet.


Thanks for the info! I was bummed when the PGA game went down but this should be able to meet my leagues needs.

Also wanting to get in a one and done with refugees. I would be willing to set it up and run it if we have enough interest. I’ll highjack this thread instead of starting another, sorry @beckman3. Shoutout @3wiggle .

I’m thinking $50 per person for the year. I’ll even cover the league fee up to $50 on Run Your Pool.

Posting a poll here on who would be in. Gonna cross post this to the other fantasy/gambling threads to flush out some other degenerates. Should have enough time to get started with the Sony.

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How does it work?

Something like this, I think?


Pick a golfer every week. Once you use him you can’t use him again. Cumulative money for the whole season Sony to BMW (probably skip the Tour Champ. Since they fucked with the format).

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I’ve run a one and done league for a few years. I highly suggest using as it lets you customize the shit out of it. It costs $3 per entry but it was worth it over the free PGA Tour one.

I’ll check it out. $3 an entry seems steep. Did you look at ?

Seems like the same concept. Pricing is $30 for up to 25 entries so a little cheaper.

We do a payout for 1st-3rd and then cumulative money for majors and WGCs. We use money and not fed ex points and weight the 2 playoff events (we exclude tour championship) by 2x. Keeps everyone in it until the end typically!

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Would probably do very similar here depending on number of entries. Looks like we have enough to get started for sure.

Need @alexshreff to send it to all those niche group Text messages to get the word out. :wink:

We ( offer private leagues and the one and done format is commonly used on our platform. We have real-time scoring and you can customize your scoring/league rules. I encourage everyone to check us out, we’ve been running since 2010. Feel free to reach out with questions.