Old Pods/NLU Origins


Been listening to NLU pod/trap draw since late spring/early summer of last year and i don’t believe I’ve ever come across anything that goes into the origins of NLU in depth. Apologies if there is an old pod I missed, as the library on iPhone podcasts app only goes back to early Feb of '18. I’ve listened to the trap draw about how everyone got into golf, but would love to hear more about how the crew first got together, and the driving forces behind the creation of NLU. Thanks guys.


New #content idea. They should do a faux 30 for 30 oral history of how it came together. Lots of college pics of Large Randall and stories from non-NLU folks who know them interviewed.

What do you want to see next out of NLU?

It is explained somewhere, but I’m wondering if I’m remembering hearing it during Soly being interviewed for a different podcast or if it was actually on an NLU branded pod. I’ll try to find it this afternoon. If it’s on an old pod that’s off the apple podcasts you can find it on the website. Hopefully I can find it.



Thanks will give these both a listen.


Pretty sure it’s also covered in the first episode of The Daily Rally that Soly did (the one on his own, not the duet with his missus).

If you want older podcasts, use the NLU site. They are all available on there. Some gold in the early days. Just whatever you do, DO NOT listen to the Harold Varner III episode!


well now I’m interested…

What’s the TL;DR on that?


Also, if anyone cares when the first NLU pod was put out Big Cat was still #1 in the world @Soly @Tron @djpie @Randy also they talked about how mentally weak Dustin Johnson was and how they wanted Kuchar over him :joy::joy::joy::joy:


One of my earliest memories of NLU was @Soly praising Koepka and predicting his greatness. I think it was 2016 where Koepka hadn’t broken out yet on the tour and went winless after a few T5 or better.

I don’t remember much other than that for some reason. Been a loyalist since I found the podcast years ago.


Started listening to NLU when they interviewed Trent at Barstool because he was their original “golf guy” and I’ve been hooked ever since.