Okinawa golfers?

Any NLU military peeps based in Okinawa? Looking to see if anyone else is out here in the Far East and maybe getting together for a island NLU meetup. Arigato!

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5 years ago Id have been all over this to get a round in. Hope Oki is treating you well and if you ever want to send some Chu-hi’s stateside let me know hahaha.

Going to Tokyo in March! Definitely not Okinawa but closer

Left Oki in 2018 and trying to get back there as soon as possible. Hope you find a solid group to play with on that great island! Please send some CoCo’s and chu hi’s lol

I feel like I’m missing something, what this Chu-hi? I know Cocos, but I feel like I need to know this place when 2 people mention it…

Depending on which family mart or lawsons you go into they will look like this. They are delicious but if its your first time drinking them be careful because theyve been known to sneak up on ya.

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Yea def seem some people get shit hammered on them…

Well while your over in Oki id think this is the time for you to head to Australia and play some of the Tourist sauce S1 courses.

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We are sending jets down there for official duties and the Aussies put them in quarantine camps…so I think it’s out of the question for a while haha.

Arent they covid free? Just test the incoming people.

Apparently not for US military coming in from Japan…