OJ, Taylorda, Guy can't own appliances, France, nandy finds a wife

I have so much to say and wish I had more time right now. I will clear my name and air my defense as I will represent myself. More to come tonight after the Vegas knights game


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Quit while you’re ahead, kid. Or you might meet this guy:


Motherfuckinggggg tracking!

Also, go Hawks.

It’s over.
Your sentence has been levied.
You will be afforded no opportunity to defend your name other than on the golf course.
Your account will be locked from comments. Your google search is already being tracked, as are your whereabouts.



And let the record show, @Taylorda, this was never about Guilty or Innocent. So you can’t be innocent. You were never charged with anything.


Really? Why not? Because he was possibly working during normal business hours and unable to come to a mock trial at your beckon call?

Let’s hear the man!

(If for no other reason than content.)

“to be confronted with the witnesses against him; to have compulsory process for obtaining witnesses in his favor, and to have the Assistance of Counsel for his defense”

I volunteer as his counsel. @Taylorda DM me if you wish to review the evidence and build a position. Actually DM me and @therealDJ together. What is this world coming to if it’s not “woke” to have a good round on an easy course.

[also I charge by the hour and you pay up front, no winning contingencies here but we can give the ol’college try]


Is this about @Taylorda’s unavailability during business hours…

dramatically slams chat logs showing @gatorz7888 posting less than normal today down on the table

…or yours, counselor?

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I am a public defendant getting paid by the hour and was present quietly in the back of the room during today’s hullabaloo. However my client was not served with proper notice of said hearing. I would submit a request for an extension but that is not necessary in the case of such a mistrial.

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The case is closed. The man’s fate, determined.

@Taylorda’s day of reckoning is slated. Either he answers destiny’s call or he does not.

Time waits for no man.

And need I remind you, @gatorz7888, your man shot even par for nine holes as a self-proclaimed 20-25 handicap.

Justice has been served.

I wonder if Laz is just rationalizing so as to avoid constitutional protections…


Which constitution are you referring to, @Sarah?

I didn’t know anarchies had constitutions

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Mine :canada::canada::canada:


Oh, look at @Sarah, she has a moral constitution nyah nyah

As previously mentioned, this is my America.

I will not adhere to the colonial-minded papers people in Canada or the United States call their governing documents.

My law is based on the energy of the creator and logic imbued in all mankind by our creator. My only borders are oceans and rivers. And let my sword be covered in the blood of those who oppose these laws and logic.

Justice was served today and it was swift.

Let the motto of the new America be this: “move fast and break things.”

(About 3 vodka sodas deep rn.)


(And I don’t drink much.)

Is this like PBP? Blindly stating one sided terms so you can stand behind them and mock the inaction of non-conforming party?

And then banish or ostracize a fellow golf lover based on the excitable ramblings of golf forum masses.

No I do not comply and neither does my client.

@Taylorda will be heard and if the proposed battle is still deemed appropriate then he will comply.