OATW Match Play - 2024 Edition - Knockout Bracket Looms

What’s the protocol for not being able to get a match scheduled?

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Any chance of getting one scheduled shortly after the deadline with the understanding it’ll make the next window slightly smaller?

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Maybe on the 17th? Schedules and distance don’t mesh


If you can confirm the 17th with the understanding of trying to get back on track for your next match then I say go for it.

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Slow death by bogeys today at Oberlin for @Jet1329 in our vengeance rematch. Back and forth all day out here on the fastest greens I’ve seen since joining in fall of 2021. Never got to more than 2 up despite the 17 strokes being given. Lost a lot of shots around the greens but closed out on 18 for 2-1? I’m new to Match play so my extremely worthy opponent will have to confirm that final. Feeling slightly scummy with way I’m playing vs the 20 cap but still shot a 99. Super enjoyable round out there today with @Browcoww77 amd @Jet1329 on one of the nicest weather days we’ve had this year.


In a match that neither of us had our best stuff I defeated @Natet00 3&2 at Delaware Golf Club on Saturday. Too many penalty shots and some lack of course knowledge was ultimately Nate’s downfall, 1st time for both of us playing there. A good battle and good company.


Yesterday, @vsquared64 and I had are highly anticipated elimination round match at Losantiville CC (s/o @Cramptcm s, an awesome host as always). I took a quick 1-up lead after an eagle on 1 to beat Vin’s birdie, things started to quickly cool off for me as I proceeded to bogey 6 of the remaining 8 holes on the front, leading to him taking a firm 3-up lead after a barrage of steady, professional pars.

Then, the literal and metaphorical heat started to kick in. Vin hit a gorgeous draw into the middle of the fairway on #13, but we somehow managed to lose the ball. Easily the strangest lost-ball scenario I’ve ever seen. Walking around for 10 minutes in the heat, slowly losing hope as confusion and frustration mounted. I gave him a drop in the middle of the fairway but the experience had drained us all and he thinned one OB over the green, bringing me to 1-up.

Fast forward to #16, Vin stuffs it to 2-feet for a gimmie birdie from 100 yards to put the pressure on my 45-yard pitch. I land mine short but it runs up to 10-feet. I’ve left some uphill putts short today, so I decide to give it a bit of extra pace. It winds up being the final nail in the coffin as it hits the back of the cup, resulting in a 3-and-2 win.

It was fun getting some revenge on the back 9 at LCC, and I wish Vin wasn’t in the way of that, but I think it’s fair to say we learned that we will be taking carts for afternoon rounds in the near future as summer comes into full-swing.


The boys saw some spicy greens/pins yesterday


Speaking of spicy.

The conditions for Springfield CC for this Saturday for my match with @Creags should be some of the most top notch stuff I’ve ever played on. They will be gearing up for US Open Final qualifying there on Monday and there is 0 rain and a bunch of heat in the forecast this week leading up to it.



For your sake I hope they at least trim the rough before then. I almost feel like they have to slow the greens down a little with this weather. Otherwise they may lose them for the summer.

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We were just trying to vibe on a lovely memorial day and the supers just had to butt in and make their presence known…


In an unfortunate turn of events, I had to concede my match to @tmck14 today. We were scheduled to duke it out at Western Hills CC this afternoon, but I just got the call that my MIL’s post-back operation doctor’s appointment has turned into (semi) emergency reversal to get the stimulator removed to avoid infection.

TBH this is a much more (legitimate yet) elaborate excuse than I used to miss numerous exams/deadlines in college.

With our back-to-back vacations and my playing in the Cincinnati Met Am event the following week, the onus falls squarely on me for not getting the match in. Apologies to @tmck14 and thanks for his gracious understanding.

Best of luck to everyone still playing; I’ll see you next year.


Man that’s rough to hear. I’m sorry your MIL is going through that and I hope her recovery goes well.

This does set up our first round of 16 match with @nelso2jf and @tmck14.


Had a chance to play Columbus CC late last week. That place is unbelievably good!


Me and @skibum232 are slated to square off early on the 17th. East side of Cleveland, course tbd


I didn’t even need to thumbnail this one. Just hoping to avoid a sequel up there…


Got a back to back happening at Springfield this weekend! @Creags v @golf4miami and @CorneliousPoon v @jack67




Including some foot stuff for you TSR weirdos