OATW Match Play - 2024 Edition - Knockout Bracket Looms

Come one! Come all! Announcing Ohio’s Matchplay Tournament! We currently have enough players to fill half the field. We’d really like to complete the sign up process by the end of January so we can start putting people into Pods.

THE Ohio State Match Play I
Ohio Roost Match Play Tournament

The first annual Ohio Roost statewide match play tournament. The finalist of the match play tournament will play in a special match at a Moraine CC.

Entry fee is $10 per person to cover some costs (i.e. Creation of a Trophy). Any excess monies will go to charity. venmo = @golf4miami if you want to confirm via last 4, feel free to DM me.

• 64 Players
• 6 Rounds
• 18 Hole Handicaped Match Play. (The lower handicapper plays as zero and the higher capper plays off of that number.)
• Higher handicap player picks the course.
• The semi-finals will be a Home and Home match.
• The finals will be held at Moraine CC in Kettering, OH
• You do not need to be a nest or roost member to play however if we have too many interested, we may bump less active refuges for nest and roost members. Otherwise first come first serve.
• If we don’t get 64 players we will still play but have a smaller, shorter bracket.

Pod/Group Round (Ending May 14th)
For the first round we will create pods of 4 players. We will do our best to get 4 players that are geographically close to each other. You will be responsible for playing the other 3 people in your pod. The top two players move on. Every person signing up will be guaranteed at least 3 matches. We will be using World Cup scoring. 3 points for a win. 1 point for a tie. 0 points for a loss. The last day for the matches will be May 14th which is the No-Findlaying up event. So you will be able to play your match there if you are both available.

Elimination Rounds of 32, 16, and 8 (Dates TBD)
You will be playing against one other person. The higher handicap player picks the course. The lower handicap player can veto one choice. This is a true don’t be a scumbag situation. Be reasonable. You will be responsible for getting the round in, in time with the person you are playing against.

Courses available:

  • Sand Ridge GC
  • Losantiville Country Club
  • Lake View Country Club (NE, PA)

Semifinals - (Dates TBD)
The semi-finals will be a home and home 36 hole match play. Each player picks a course.

Courses available:

  • Canterbury GC
  • Sand Ridge GC
  • Losantiville Country Club

Final - Moraine CC, Kettering, Ohio - (Date TBD)
The plan for the Final is to host it at a grand (hopefully neutral) venue to give it the full gravitas that it deserves. Date and location TBD and will be announced ASAP.

This is a very compact schedule with a lot of players. We would ask that anyone that signs up follow through and be respectful of everyone else’s time. Ohio is a geographically big state, and we will do our best to match up players with those closest to them within reason.

You must pay before you are added to the bracket.

If you can’t play your match the other person will move on. If you both can’t play your match for whatever reason we will do a coin toss to see who moves on. You have to make a reasonable effort to play your match to have a coin toss.


For everyone’s info, below is a map showing the zip codes for those signed up so far. Cincinnati and Dayton are both supremely lacking in representation so I’m calling those two out.

Also, the Findlay pod has only two players right now so if we could get a couple more to make an ALL Findlay pod that would be amazing for scheduling.

Also, huge shout out to @smithburger, @jgolf1, and @methridge who are helping to set this up for success.


Hey @etlern22 and @RunOfTheDill


Yeah. I’m planning on signing up just waiting to ask for approval.

Last year got into a bit of trouble playing in to many events at the cc while the baby was sick, just so happens the baby is currently sick so can’t find the right time to ask for approval hahah. Also didn’t help I made 3 golf trips last year and each time the baby was sick. I’m on a short lease hahah.


The good news is your match times and dates are up to you. Play when you are your competitor have time within a window.

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Sign up now, beg forgiveness later.

West side CLE willing to travel a bit for pod play if needed.


There should be plenty of people on the west side area that there will be a pod.


Just figured I’d offer myself up as tribute if we needed to make the numbers/logistics work


@golf4miami is there a cutoff for sign ups?


Truly no deadline to sign up at this point other than if the field gets full that’ll be it. (as long as all those who have signed up have paid)

Ideally we want the field to be full by the end of January/Middle of February at the very least. We want to get people into their Pods/Groups ASAP so that people will have plenty of time to schedule their group matches.

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:rotating_light: PRESS RELEASE :rotating_light:

We have breaking news here at THE Ohio Matchplay HQ.

Our team has received a DM stating that, allowing for the scheduling to work out, either the Semi-Final matches or the Finals of this tournament will take place at an absolutely astounding venue. A grand venue for a grand tournament round: Moraine CC.

Home of potentially one of the best match play holes in Ohio (the 7th): Moraine Country Club: The short par 4 7th’s temptation

The sender of this message also noted that whoever is so lucky to make it to the round that takes place at Moraine will only need to pay the regular guest fee in order to play.

“Being able to host a round of THE Match Play at historic Moraine CC is truly a dream come true.” said @golf4miami when reached for comment. “When I started putting together this tournament I was only hopeful that a venue like this would become available to us. Truly if this doesn’t get people’s competitive juices flowing and gets them to sign up, I don’t know what will.”


Any chance you’d let a western Pennsylvanian (Erie) play in this?


Absolutely! If you’re willing and able to coordinate with those who are in your pod for the group games and beyond then you’re more than welcome to join. We have another player in Terre Haute, IN who is also signed up right now.

We would definitely put you in a Cleveland based pod for the group play and then go from there.


Fairview Park resident here but I work in Columbus. LET’S GOOO


I just signed up…there’s definitely a couple other NWPAers in here too - @coachmax and @St.rappeo72 ??


If @rer145 and/or @coachmax offer to host a match at either of their home courses—to quote Mr. Player, “for the love of golf, go!” Both are well worth the drive.


Definitely willing to host!


Signed up and paid!! Let’s go!!


Hey Everyone!

Sign ups are moving right along. We’ve got 44/64 slots filled with 43 paid already! That’s right, we’re down to our last 20 sports for pod play before we move to a wait list. Make sure you get in here!

An updated location map is below. We’ve got players from ALL OVER joining in on the fun of this tournament. (I should note that if a zip code was duplicated on our spreadsheet, it’s not listed on the map twice. For instance, we have 3 players in the Findlay area now, but only two dots.)

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Nearly have a full Buffalo pod too.