NYC to Myrtle Beach Drive - Where to play along the way

I’m driving down after work on a Wednesday (late October) to Myrtle Beach from NYC. I am thinking I’d like to drive about half way, find a cheap hotel, play a round Thursday morning, and arrive to Myrtle Thursday evening.

I’m considering trying to play either Tobacco Road, Mid Pines or Pine Needles, since my Pinehurst trip was cancelled. Maybe play one of the others on the way back up.

Is there anything else besides Pinehurst courses on the route down to Myrtle that I should seek out to play? Virginia and North Carolina I guess would be the most likely states.

Or should I just suck it up and drive all the way down to Myrtle and play Thursday there?

I’ve been looking at the same for a drive from NYC to Hilton Head, so I will follow this thread.

While not the same as the Sandhills courses, I was considering stopping to play Royal New Kent, as it’s only 20 minutes off I-95 near Richmond, VA.

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Royal New Kent, Stonehouse, the Pinehurst area.

There is a pretty good set of courses in at River Landing in Wallace NC if you are coming in via 40 about an hour west of Wilmington.

Cypress Lakes south of Fayetteville is fun, Ray Floyd’s parents used to own it.

Also Bien Venue in Rocky Mount, NC is a really nice Ross. It used to be private, but they were selling tee times on Group Golfer not too long ago, so that may be an option.


I agree, something around half-way puts him in the neighborhood of Richmond, and Royal New Kent is one of the more interesting courses around there. Pinehurst and Fayettefille are another 3+ hours driving, and Wallace is even further along the route

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The Pinehurst area isn’t really on the way but really only adds an hour. However, it’s a few hours past half way. So not sure you’d want to work all day and then drive 8+ hours to Pinehurst. The good thing would be you would only be 2 or so hours from Myrtle Beach. So the drive after golf would be relatively short.

If you have the time, a tad out of the way but Scotch Hall Preserve is pretty damn good. Kind of outer banks adjacent but worth it if you can get there.

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I was considering Scotch Hall Preserve, not sure how to make a tee time for that one.

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Will definitely consider Royal New Kent.

Should be able to call up, no? I don’t think it’s private.

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Possibly, I went to the website and it says “NO TEE TIMES AVAILABLE RIGHT NOW.

Hmmm maybe they just don’t want outside play for covid reasons or something. I’d give them a ring and see. It really is an awesome spot.

I’ve heard great things about Royal new Kent since the reopening but not much at all about Stonehouse. How is it, Dave?

I haven’t played it, though I’ve heard good things from some folks who have. RNK is generally considered the better of the 2.

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If you wanted to stop once you cleared DC, Laurel Hill in Lorton, VA is an outstanding public track (county-run) right off I-95.

If you want to go further, I’ll echo Royal New Kent as a great option.


You could also do Viniterra. It is a little closer than RNK to 95. Another option is take 29 down through Charlottesville and play Spring Creek. There are some decent private options if you have someone who can make a call (guessing not since NYC) or link up with some of the refugees in the RVA roll call thread.


I agree with the Royal new Kent choice. Played it earlier this year and it’s a great track. Definitely worth the stop.

Right now I’m leaning toward driving down after work for 5ish hours, staying at a hotel somewhere near Richmond around midnight, waking up and hitting the road about 7-8 and teeing off at Tobacco Road sometime around noon, then drive the rest of the way to Myrtle.

Not sure if it would be a better addition to the trip to play Tobacco Road for the ultimate Strantz experience, before True Blue and Caledonia (and maybe hit up Royal New Kent on the way back home), or get a taste of something different with some Donald Ross in the Pinehurst area, but I’m leaning Tobacco Road, especially after rewatching the Tourist Sauce episode yesterday.

You can’t go wrong with Tobacco Road.

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And Tobacco is only 3 hours from Richmond. It’s a 4 hour slog to beach afterward but worth the stop.

Booked an 11:20 tee time for Tobacco Road. Late enough to allow me to get some sleep, early enough to hopefully meet the friends in Myrtle for a late dinner to kick off the trip.

Any useful information for Tobacco Road? Do they have a range or practice facilities? Should I walk?

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