Now, Ohio vs Pennsylvania

Ben Crenshaw made a list of his worldwide 10 best courses, and of course people started making the “Where’s Old Head?” comment/joke. Having played Old Head on a day with 40 mph winds and sideways rains, I do wonder, what is the American equivalent? It needs a great setting, some random ass weather, and the course is pretty good, but perhaps a bit overrated because of the setting. I’m inclined, and it sort of pains me to say this because I’ve generally played really well there, and very much enjoy being there, but it might be Arcadia Bluffs. What does everyone think?


Pebble Beach… thread over


Liberty National is a different type of setting, but that’s my pick.

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This was one of the criteria. Liberty National doesn’t meet this

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Well you’re not wrong. Someone will have to come up with a pretty substantial argument to top this

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Played Old Head in 2018. It was sunny, 80* and only a mild breeze. I found it to be tough course to walk. Loved it, for various reasons. I would go back. YMMV

Pebble is a lot better than “pretty good.” It’s not as good as it could be, but any course with 6-8 + 18 will always be better than “pretty good.”


So no old head?


But I think part of the idea is put those holes any where else do they still hold up?

Kiawah? It’s ocean breezy, a major venue designed by a generational architect, but doesn’t seem like it would be fun to play. (Also isn’t it a major pain in the ass to get to? So is Old Head, in that you basically have to be going to Old Head to wind uo there, no one stumbles upon Old Head)


You really can’t put 6, 8 or 18 anywhere else since the cliffs and ocean are an integral part of the holes. If it was a lake, or river bluff, they’d still be fantastic holes.

Btw, Crenshaw’s top 10 is pretty damn perfect, right? What’s missing?


I wonder if @BamaBearcat has stationery that’s embossed with @BamaBearcat at the top.


Crenshaw doesn’t have any Irish or English courses on his list, which surprised me.

American Old Heads: Torrey Pines, Half Moon Bay, Trump LA, Liberty National


I do not. But I once stunned Tim Rosafort by handing him a business card when he asked me for my DM #.

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Kiawah would be right up there with Spanish Bay for biggest missed opportunities in American golf in the recent past. For me it’s an easy choice for most overated course I’ve ever played.


Kittansett Club. I played it on a late October day where we got every season except for summer. By the end of the round I was drenched and couldn’t feel my fingertips. This was a day where the weather app on my phone said there was a 10% chance of rain.


I was surprised he didn’t include one of Oakmont, Royal County Down, Royal Dornoch or Muirfield.

RCD/Dornoch/Muirfield/Sunningdale (or another Heathland spot)

Very classic US course focused which isn’t necessarily wrong, just interesting.

Curious what you think about Pebble with the green fee price. I personally feel like you are paying for the ocean holes and you have to stay at the resort (us commoners at least).

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