Not looking forward to: 2019


I can start this one off. I’m not looking forward to the re-introduction of Cam Champ to the casual golf viewer. Nothing against the guy and his talent (I quite like him), but I know that’s going to get pounded in early in the season. I’ll also add hearing Faldo on telecasts again. Give me Zinger!


Kind of the opposite of the contrarian takes thread…

I am not looking forward to another year of stale PGA Tour social media, especially the player twitter accounts that just tweet out ads. I’ve un-followed a lot for that reason.


Same here. I’ll add the excess of commercials from CBS broadcasts, the non-golf segments on CBS broadcasts, and everything about CBS that isn’t Jim Nantz, Gary McCord, or Peter Kostis.


I’ll include Jack in the booth weekends. I don’t even dislike him being involved in some capacity, but it derails the broadcast so much, everyone tripping over themselves to get Jack’s analysis. Ugh.


The fact that all of the Bethpage courses won’t be playable in the Spring, meaning that all the extra golf traffic will filter to the other already crowded munis


Are you sure? They do a pretty good job of keeping them open as late as possible. When they hosted the Barclays in 2016 Black shut down 2 weeks before and opened a week earlier. The rest of the courses closed five days before and opened a few days after. Granted some of those courses have modified schedules as well, but at least the place should be fully up and running by the end of May.


With the PGA Championship coming up at Bethpage State Park in May, only one course – the Blue – will remain open full time over the winter. The Yellow Course, typically Bethpage’s other winter option, is undergoing PGA-related preparation that will keep it either closed or shortened to nine holes.



That’s correct. That’s for the winter. Green and Red should open in March. Black might open for two weeks in April before being closed down again in May before the PGA. Yellow will be 9 holes as the front of Yellow is used as the range and pitching areas.


I can’t wait to see how it comes together.


I’m afraid I might have to spend the Spring months traveling further east to play the Suffolk County courses.


Not looking forward to winter and hearing anymore about the Justin Rose equipment change. He hits the middle of the club face 99.9% of the time, and he’s going to be using superior equipment it’s a non story already. I’m far more insterested in what players are playing who don’t have equipment deals.


Any conversation or confusion about the new rules


More specifically, any discussion about Bryson putting with the pin in.


Commentators reminding me that Bryson “does the math” before making any strategic decision. What does “doing the math” mean? What is “the math”?


After checking out maybe an hour of the first round coverage from Kapalua, I have determined all Bryson-related coverage is completely unwatchable.


It’s the same thing with the Spieth/JT friendship stuff. Once the announcers (not just in golf) find something even a bit interesting they drive it into the ground until it’s more annoying than anything else.

BTW did you know Spieth and JT are Good Buddies?