North Star Shootout 3 (Stillwater, MN): 2022, July 9 - StoneRidge GC - AM TEE TIMES #843

That is my erratic Fourstone partner so no offense taken. I’m already back to team Odyssey @tcrbrad. It’s a good putter but I have a playability window to send back and don’t have the patience to try and dial it in.

Today’s Northstar question is one we all (or nobody) are pondering, will @TBuhr33 be able to live up to his past nest tagline when he exits this green.


Gonna need some input from the SR crew. Immediate reaction is T&PJ but don’t wanna miss out on a beautiful BLT

the lack of “club sandwich” is criminal. based on the menu….they have the ingredients…… SR always squeezing those pennies.


Hard agree. I didn’t realize it was an option before building the form but they can do a lettuce wrap on anything if you want Gluten Free

What’s your rack rate?

SR: $130

That includes a warm up balls for the range, right?

SR: No, that’s $15 for 20 balls.

*I exaggerate, but not much


To their defense they treat members and their guests well. The place truly operates as a semi-private club which is a lot closer to the European model than not letting you play at all. Yes they should throw range balls in for $130 but the variable pricing does drop below $100 in the evening. Their greens are probably better than all but the upper tier privates as well.

I know American clubs are setup not-for-profit so its different but such a wild concept that you can go play Royal County Down but need to know somebody to play Burl Oaks in MN.


Its an awesome course, fer shure.

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My biggest course pet peeve is Troy Burne charges rack $118 to play and has no drinking water or bottled water. Get out there on a hot day and just hope you can buy $6 gatorades to not dehydrate.


More times than not they’ve just thrown in the small bucket for free when I’ve been there too

WTF. I’ve golfed there 10 - 20 times in the last two years and never, ever had them throw that in.

always gotta do the (after you have paid) oh can i get some range balls? they squirm with the decision making.


If you do this they will 100% not charge you. And @OnlyLayingUp if you’re playing with @charvey just tell the big dog to take you to the member range.

@TCRBrad i will be out of town the 9th but you should definitely get a beer with the MN crew


Been off the grid for the last week. Did I miss anything or need to do anything for the North Star? Can’t wait!

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Can we talk about the food more? It looks like it may make or break how the rest of my day goes.

That’s what I’ve been waiting on. Let’s go @charvey/@freesypop. Stop holding out on us.

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The restaurant has good food there but the one time I got a pre-made sandwich it wasn’t great. This stuff should all be fine and freshly made that day but will not be life changing. I went with the Turkey and Pepper Jack because it seemed like a safe play. I’ll let @freesypop provide further food advice. He would tell you just to ask them if Buffalo Chicken sandwich is available.


yeah the food at Danny’s (restaurant at SR) fuqs

The live music at Danny’s does whatever the opposite of fuqs is (doesn’t fuq?)


The curds are just okay unfortunately (or as okay as cheese curds can be, which means it’s still a top tier appetizer)

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