Norman Xiong - anyone see this kid play

Anyone who has seen him play believing the hype? His record is pretty dominating…

Yes. Have seen him play. Believe everything.


That guy is the Truth. The year Oregon won NCAAs, Norman was untouchable.

Yes…and Yes. Very impressive.

I’m excited to see how he plays over the next couple weeks, hope he performs well and gets his pro career off to a solid start

This past Friday, Andy had a vague reference on The Shotgun Start to Xiong needing to change up his…I can’t remember what word Andy used, but it was like Xiong’s “environment” or “surroundings” or something like that. It was vague. I inferred it to be a reference to Xiong’s inner circle, but I don’t know whether the issue (purportedly) is with Xiong’s coaching or something else. Anybody have any insight? Dude has way too much talent to be be shooting +16 at Q-School.

It’s for sure a parent. This isn’t the NFL or NBA. At 20-22 years old “bad influences” are parents who think they know better than coaches/trainers.

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Crazy fucking parents

Didn’t Casey Martin hint at something similar on the pod with Soly? Or am i mistaken, can’t remember.

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Whoa. I don’t remember posting this at all. One too many Manhattans…