Non-conventional golf practice


I’m hoping this thread can turn into a place for guys to share some things that they do in the name of improving their golf game (or some aspect of their game) that don’t fit the definition of traditional “practice” (or drills for that matter).

Are there youtube videos that you go back and watch from time to time?
Audiobooks you recommend?
I’ve heard about guys meditating (never tried it) - anyone believe in it enough to vouch for it?
What works for you?

What got me thinking of it is my personal search for some way for me to improve my putting (and specifically speed control) when I can’t get to a putting green to spend time practicing the usual way. So if you’ve got anything for that, I’m especially interested.


Check out Josh Karp’s Shivas Irons book. It’s his exploration of non-traditional, ‘Eastern’ practice techniques. Could be a good resource to give you some ideas and set you off in some different directions…

  1. 10-Minute Toughness by Jason Selk is a good book. There are three basic sections. One of them is on positive thinking, which is ok, the second section is on effective goal setting, which is pretty good, and the final section is on visualization, which is really good. There’s not a lot of fluff, and it’s a well-organized, easy to implement system.

  2. Be a Player, by Pia Nilsson and Lynn Marriot, has some great games for on the course. This has probably done the most for helping me take my range game to the course.

  3. This is probably more “traditional” than you were looking for in this post, but Adam Young has some great practice information, focused more on game-like training than traditional “swing technique” instruction.


I’ll second the Adam Young recommendation. I have less time to practice these days, but after trying some of the drills in the “The Practice Manual” I feel I’ve been able to improve at a much better clip. However, like Slick said it is more on the traditional side.