No Laying Up SG Stats

Complete Arbitrary Rankings of the NLU Golf Games. Willing to adjust due to input. (I am new to the thread and I am sorry if this doesn’t fit it.) If the NLU guys see this I respect all of yalls games I am just being goofy.

SG off the tee:

  1. TC (Generational Driver)
  2. Soly (Probably upset he is number 2)
  3. Randy (Shallower than Sergio)
  4. NGSchu (Big right miss always in play)
  5. DJ (Sorry DJ)

SG iron play:

  1. DJ (Loves to work the ball)
  2. Everyone else except Neil
  3. Neil (Rangefinder might be broken)

SG Chipping (we know where this is going)

  1. Soly (I think good not sure)
  2. Neil (Same as Soly)
  3. Randy (average I think)
  4. DJ (If he can avoid a bunker he is okay)
  5. TC (There is nothing that hasn’t already been said)

SG Putting

  1. Soly (Put the truvis in play/ shout out ad reads)
  2. Everyone except Randy
  3. Randy (Mental miss)

Randy is much improved with the putter and Tron has improved with his wedges. Soly is pretty strong all around.

DJ drives the ball pretty straight, so I’d consider bumping him up a spot or 2.

It doesn’t necessarily translate on video, but Neil is crazy long off the tee. I mean it looks like he’s taking a gentle swing at the ball and then you realize it flew the hazard at 280 and was just starting its gentle descent.

Like when someone hits a home run that’s so long that the outfielder doesn’t even flinch or move his feet.



Did Soly revert back to truvis or did his historic round with the triple track tease him into staying with the hot hand?

Haven’t played with Neil, so I’m just going off of what I saw at Pinehurst on the range and what’s captured in the episodes. He’s a big hitter for sure.

What’s clear is that all of the guys are good players in their own right. :grin:


Yeah, Neil needs to be higher, at least for driving stats. I played #4 with Soly and on one hole (I wanna say #10) he put a great swing on the ball it and still ended up in a fairway bunker. Neil, playing in the group behind us, cleared the same bunker with ease. Moral of the story? Forget golf lessons, take boxing lessons.


Yep we were behind you. Think that was hole 8… maybe 7. He smoked his drive over this massive center (ish) line bunker. I was sharing a caddie with him, caddie asks if I’m going to try to fly it I looked at him like he had two heads and pulled 3 wood lol. Also cherry on top he stuffed it to like a foot for the tap in 3.


can any of the nlu guys break 80?

Can any of the NLU guys break 80?


GD @3wiggle hitting the pavement hard today. Thank you for your service.


SG Tee-to-Green, I really like Tron’s move. If only he had some athleticism.

Around the green, I can’t watch…

But Soly’s got game. I wish they’d do some content of him training to try to play state am or something like that, maybe showcase the mid-am scene.


Off the tee:
Neil (would easily be #1 but the big miss OB really hurts)


Around the green:

Randy (but improving greatly)

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I reckon the big fella is underrated around the greens. It might be the way the videos are edited, but i’m seeing some good SHAFUA from @Randy in quite a few episodes of Tourist Sauce/Strapped. Especially impressive given how far those messages have to travel down from the brain.

Randy’s hybrid work around the green?! Decent!

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Large Randall with a hybrid might top this SG: Around-The-Green category.

Absolute sniper!