No Laying Up - Glossary Of Terms & Common Takes


Best part of LPCP is it originated with Tron’s HS football coach describing his (in)ability to fill holes at the line of scrimmage.


Chadwick don’t EFF around @Tron


Can I get a origin story of the meaning of Baghdad Gerry


He’s from Baghdad, Florida and his first name is Gerry.

(What’s this guys deal?!)


Was Tron getting roasted or was Tron doing the roasting?


Tron was getting roasted:


Can someone explain the Uncle Joost thing for Joost Luiton? Nothing against Joost, just not sure how the whole nickname and Tron’s love for him started.


Talked about this on the live show yesterday, but probably one of our dumbest ones ever. Which is saying something. Joost (pronounced ‘Yost’ in Dutch) made an ace during the PGA Championship last year, and Tron yelled out JOOST (with a hard j, which is improper), then related it to David Schwimmer constantly yelling JUICE during the O.J. series, and then called him Uncle Joost (improperly pronounced). He then tweeted a gif of David Schwimmer saying JUICE! JUICE! and we just lost it. The tweet went nowhere but we couldn’t have laughed harder at how much of a reacher that pull was. And from there on out he was referred to as Uncle Joost.


Is it too early to see if “Opus Dei Society” sticks? @TheMerchCzar brought this up recently…and I personally love it. There are so many self flagellating golfers…

Opus Dei is a Catholic organization somewhat famous for corporal mortification - the idea of inflicting pain on yourself to achieve a state of grace. (see Dan Brown’s book DaVinci Code book)

Current members of Opus Dei Society:
Bubba Watson
John Rahm aka #Rahmpage
More to be added later…


Woody Austin has to be the founding member. Dude bent a putter sideways on his head!


That’s right, that was a good one.


Ok, I’ve got one-

I know who Panther Mike is on Twitter but what is the origin behind the shout out?
Might have missed something in the past on this.


I can’t seem to find a video of that awkward Player’s Championship intro that @Soly and @Tron quote all the time.

“Or perhaps everything will change… anyway off to the golf we go!”