No Laying Up - Glossary Of Terms & Common Takes


Not sure if its down to being British or whether it’s because I’m not au fait with the terminology on the UK golf scene, however since following NLU and listening to the pod casts i can see that there is a vernacular amongst fans, for example “Take” = Opinion, “Traj” = Trajectory (not hard to work that one out). There are some other terms that I have heard and been too slow to remember or fathom from the ensuing conversation, given this, I’d like to suggest a topic that records these known terms and new terms as they develop. This can be a good thing for new followers and also those not up to speed with the NLU+followers language.


John Deere Classic = major


“THE Classic” = John Deere Classic
"THE Tournament = John Deere Classic
"THE man" = usually means Pat Perez or maybe Jonas Blinx
"Lefty" = Tim Wilkinson
"DLHNYW" = Dont Let Him Near Your Wife (use to be used in conjunction with DJ, but after Erin Hills its usually used when talking about Brooks Koepka. Alex Noren may now on the list after that 6 hole TV stunt he pulled this past weekend where my wife was suddenly SSSOOOO interested in the finish).


The Pacemaker = Rory = TAFKA McRib


Not really vernacular, but just know that Leishman is criminally underrated.


Ahh, I wonder if common takes would be good to capture.!


LPCP. Lacks Pop Can’t Play.


Anyone in particular for context?


SABA = Soft as baby’s ass…often used in conjunction with J-Day
The Big Tabernacle = Tony Finau
The Medium Tabernacle = Daniel Summerhays
The Little Tabernacle = Zac Blair
The C-Suite = Often used to gently mock Spieth’s transition into the #brand/corporate/PC arena
LPCP = As @chaptodd stated above - Kuchar is a popular example (no shade - I love Kuch)

There’s a million more - all I can think of at the moment.


LPCP - Lacks Pop Can’t Play is the most common use. Good example might be Luke Donald.

But, the creativity of other applications of the acronym is what I enjoy most.

I will go with Adam Sarson’s Lustily Penal #Content Producer when describing DJs editing of the Tron Roast as one of my favorites all time.


I’ve just read AWESOME!



For more information, see McIlroy, Rory, 18th hole, 2016 Tour Championship; Woods, Tiger, 15th hole, 2011 Masters.


The Killhouse being the new NLU HQ in Jacksonville, FL area (I think)


FIGJAM=Fuck I’m good just ask me=Phil


There’s some quality stuff here. Might need to start a whole separate thread for nicknames.


Ejected, Pressed the Eject Button: A player in contention on the weekend blows up and is no longer shown on TV coverage
Narcos Tour: PGA Tour Latinoamerica


“Just doesn’t do it for me” = Tron referencing Justin Rose, a great golfer who’s just steady at making money (boring, not much personality). “Wipey fade” is a Kuchar reference, Tron just doesn’t like Skechers and it’s not a power fade lol. Go back and listen to the Matt Every podcast and then try to follow him a tournament, it’s quite entertaining.


I’ve always wanted an explanation for “This guy FUQs”.


This is the origin. Lots of uses beyond golf.


Watch Spencer Levin… you’ll understand.