No Findlay-Ing Up - May 14 2022 - Findlay, OH (Sign up post 1 - update on 64)

There is a range if you need to warm up as well.

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It will act as your morning coffee. It’s so loud.


loudest ball machine west of the mississippi


@methridge reverse pencil whipping me. You should know I am not an 8 anymore. I have lost all vanity. How did I hurt you?


Anyone in town and hanging out tonight?

Alt shot pairings for tomorrow. Obviously some changes are needed since we ended up with an odd number at the last minute, but we will work it out. Teams are on the same row (Rob and Ken are partners in the first row). Let me know if you need to added or removed from this if your plans have changed.

Format will be revealed tomorrow but it will be a modified foursomes format. Weather forecast calls for a strong chance of chaos.




Update: @tkeats will be paired with @meathaus

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Do we have an odd number? I’ve still got a guy that can come. Or are we just at an odd number on alt shot?

En route from Cleveland


Running a little behind will be there by 845

Hey @livi please DM @methridge about your millions of dollars


Haha. Sorry I couldn’t stay til the end. Had a great time - thanks for putting it together guys!


$1310 raised for charity guys. Holy heck.


Thanks for getting this organized today, I had a blast at my first NLU gathering. Are the tournament results posted anywhere? I had to leave right after we were done playing.

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Once @methridge gets home tomorrow he will
Post them.


What a great fucking event.

Shoutouts to @methridge and @jgolf1 for putting on yet another flawless great time. The two are the gold standard for planning and all around incredible people just to hang out with.

As some of you saw during alt shot, playing alongside @twturner’s…length…is quite eye-opening and humbling. @Browcoww77 and @eatonsb, thanks for putting up with some God awful hooking, I’ll stick to a corner next time.

@etlern22 had an absolute blast with you even though we couldn’t ham and egg more than a couple of pars together. My Strokes Gained Tee Flipping was definitely +4 though.

Huge thanks to Scott and False Chord! That Mic Night is something I will be thinking about constantly and I’m not kidding when I said I need that (with the milk shot) in a pitcher to myself. I would buy it yesterday.

Sycamore Springs really showed up for us, thanks as always to the entire crew there. Those greens were not to be underestimated.


Are we able to sneak a peak at the overall results?

Thank you @jgolf1 for a superb event, and thank you to @methridge for keeping the numbers tidy. Was my first go-around at Sycamore Springs and really enjoyed it. Peaceful out there. Course was in a great shape too. Thanks again.


Echoing the thanks to the dream team of @jgolf1 and @methridge for an awesome event. The course was in great shape, alt shot was a lot of fun, and Scott’s hospitality plus the beers at False Chord were a fitting finish.

Sharing my one pic of the day…I was paired with the one and only @jgolf1 for alt shot. #9 green, clouds rolling in, I ask if we should flip for the putt. Joe takes one look at the skies, grabs my putter, and putts out for the whole group. Storms commence <10 minutes later. Some top notch weather intuition there