No Findlay-Ing Up - Findlay OH - Attendees - Possibly You?

Sorry, totally forgot to reply! I’ll be staying Friday only, driving back Saturday.

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Here’s a sign up sheet for Friday golf. I’ve got a couple ideas planned depending on how many people want to play and how early they’ll get here, but I’ll say if anyone is getting here early early, the local par 3 course would most likely be the choice (they have a range on site to).

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@joecline41 and I are in preliminary talks on an Airbnb for Friday night. Is there anyone else that would be interested?


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Is false chord in play Friday and Saturday?

For sure Saturday

Hey all, quick update. We are up to 51 signed up and 37 paid.


I’m in! It’s my BDay weekend so the wife and kiddos are coming along for the ride. Can’t wait!


Hey guys, another quick update. 42 paid and 11 on the waitlist so we are making progress to that 60+ number!

We have the course the entire day and I’m guaranteeing that you’ll laugh at least one time.

Where are you at @etlern22 and @JJS ?


I’ll be there, will check on our friend.


Bumping Friday golf signups. Less than 8 weeks to go


Signed up! Really looking forward to my first NLU event and meeting everyone!


Not too far away from 60!

Anyone making the trip to Findlay from the NE side of the state? I’ll be heading over from North Canton.



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Do we have to be a nest memer to participate?

Nope. But if you earn the NIT spot you have to be a nest member to advance

I’m coming from cuyahoga falls

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Ok, so i could sign up afterward if i somehow advanced? I’ve never participated in any events but have followed along the past few years and am hoping i can make it this year.

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You have to sign up the day off, if you qualify.

And honestly the podcast and gift are always worth the $90