NLU - Young Hitters Program

The No Laying Up Young Hitters Program:

We're pumped to announce we're sponsoring 5 players on the @WebDotComTour this year. The squad:

Justin Hueber - @jhueb
Brandon Matthews - @B_Matthews12
Charlie Saxon - @CSaxgolf
Brian Richey - @BRichGolf
Justin Lower - @justinlower_1

— No Laying Up (@NoLayingUp) February 26, 2019

Throughout the year, we're gonna be sharing each of their stories, providing some content from the road, and highlighting what a year on the Tour looks like. Give them a follow, and let's go launch 'em.

— No Laying Up (@NoLayingUp) February 26, 2019

How awesome is this new #Content? Really looking forward to following the journey of these guys and getting to know them better. Dying to see some Web coverage so we can see that logo on the gear!


Sucks that the next Web event is a month away. Talk about a tease!

They are going to be able to do so much more Wild World of Golf-type of videos now that they are sponsoring players. Plus, it is going to give them so much more access to other events/players. This is going to be so good.


Using innocent Web golfers to drive the NLU anti-white belt propaganda machine? Goebbels would approve.


This is beyond cool, NLU is A #content machine. Anyone know of any other podcasts/ media outlets like NLU who have pulled off a sponsorship? Feel like this is a pretty rare feat

@Soly @djpie Love this, heavy subscribe.
Will you guys be on the ground in Punta Cana?


I know nothing about any of these guys, but they are now my favorite tour players.

Is there a clause in the contract that voids it if they lay up in competition?


is callaway using NLU as a pass-through to sponsor more players? what’s in these guys bags? i question whether NLU has the coffers to do this independently, and who is really pulling the strings.

NLU is great because they can be independent and honest. the relationship with callaway already makes me cringe in many ways.


Why? Because you have to listen to ads every now and then?

90% of their content would probably be impossible to do without a sponsor.

Other than the Tiger/Phil pod, this is probably the 2nd coolest thing that they’ve done.


This truly is Schrodinger’s refuge take


Found the guy who is still living Rocketballzier.


Glute staying on brand HARD I see.

Where’s @ANTIFAldo with “Nice try, cops”

No offense to any of the NLU-sponsored players as they have more skill and talent than I will ever have, but I don’t think Callaway is targeting these gentlemen.

Also, and I don’t mean this in a bad way, these are guys that no one has heard of. They probably want to be affiliated with NLU to gain some exposure. I don’t think NLU needs Callaway to set up a deal where they give a few random Web guys towels and tees.


I love a good take like this but judging by bags and hats, two are Srixon (Hueber, Matthews), two are Ping (Richey, Saxon) and one is Titleist (Lower).


Well I had an NLU pullover, visor, tees and towel at the tournament I played in this past weekend. Yet I don’t make the video? Just because I’m “not actually a professional golfer” and “couldn’t break par in a four-man scramble” and “buying stuff from the pro-shop =/= sponsorship.” BS politics, man.


diversion tactics


callaway is targeting EVERYONE. they’re the TM of the mid 2000s (s/o mark king). they have these covert marketing initiatives through places like GolfWRX, the refuge, special giveaways, etc. i think people generally underestimate the marketing reach and power people like neil enable through google and other big data entities.

i understand that their support is what enables things like the tourist sauce series which i absolutely fucking loved and have watched every episode 2x or more. but i also understand that the support comes with baggage. i just don’t want NLU to lose what made them great in the first place.

as said by one of the guys on one of the recent pods, i’m tired of being sold to at every turn.


good to hear. my cynical side is always on guard.