NLU website

Has anyone else been unable to access the main site page on your mobile phone? I can get to the refuge and the shop through my bookmarks but that’s it…

No. It’s fine for me.

I’ve been having a problem on my MacBook, using Safari, for the past several days. Get a “403 Forbidden” message.

If I click on the pages icon under my “frequently viewed” section in browser it works fine.

NLU has a website?


It wasn’t listed as one of their “things” on the census. Fitting.

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We’re getting ready to transition (s/o Kelvin Benjamin) to a new site in the near future, so some of it may be related to that.


Shoutout Kenny Perry.


Yes, exact same for me

Sick, can’t wait to see it

Am I completely missing a more appropriate place to provide feedback on the beta site?

Just in case there isn’t:

The videos don’t appear to be in a completely logical order. Specifically looking at the Tourist Sauce and Strapped seasons. While the videos for each season are in a newest to oldest order for each season, I would expect the headers to follow the same ordering.

So for TS, instead of Carolinas > Scotland > California > Ireland > Australia/New Zealand, I would expect Carolinas > Ireland > California > Scotland > Australia/New Zealand. Then for Strapped, instead of Louisiana > Iowa > Reno > Baltimore > SoCal > Northeast, I would expect SoCal > Baltimore > Reno > Louisiana > Northeast > Iowa.

Or you could follow the Crash Course headers and go oldest to newest, though the videos are still newest to oldest.

I’m not going to specifically say that your order of video categories is wrong, but I would either expect an alphabetized list, or your “biggest” series (TS/Strapped) to be at the beginning and not the end.

Navigating through the list of videos/podcasts, you can only see the current page of videos/podcasts you’re currently on, and can only advance one page at a time. So if I was trying to get to the earliest podcast available, it’d take a lot of clicking. I’d suggest a way to either jump more than one page at a time, or for more videos/podcasts to load as you scroll to the bottom of the list, essentially keeping you on a single page.

Maybe I’m being blind, but I can’t find where to join the nest?

Go to and click on the Nest button in the upper right. That should do the trick.

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The mobile site needs a little work with centering and getting text on the screen.

Not sure if there is another thread going for this. Wanted to say that overall I think the site is a big improvement. Some of the pages, namely the Pro Shop and the Message Board, do not have links back to the site, which would be helpful. That said, maybe this will be added once the beta site is live?