NLU Soundtrack

Hey All!

I’ve been working hard, digging it out of the dirt, to put together an NLU and NLU adjacent soundtrack for a trip to Caledonia and True Blue. Leaving tomorrow, feel like I won this battle.

My coach had me focused a lot on the transition from Shazam to Spotify. I had to watch many episodes of Strapped and Sauce to get it done. I really focused on the process and I feel like the work has paid off.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed making it:

p.s. - If you know any I missed, drop 'em here and I’ll get 'em added.


This was a load of work, well done! Enjoy your trip!

Thanks @Texark. Have been looking forward to it for months, take THAT 2020!


FINALLY someone has squared up and delivered a punch to 2020.

Well done @BreakfastBaller, and thank you so much!


This is awesome!


Just in time for me to zone out and focus on my monotonous spreadsheet-filled afternoon! Many thanks!


Thanks Gents!

@RDUgolfer - It’s gotten me through many a similar afternoon, hope you dig it. It’s happy accident that it ended up about as long as my drive to Pawleys Island.


Let us know how they play…I have played Caledonia and will be in area next week thinking about hitting True Blue.

Thank you good sir!

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well done. thanks for this

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Touch of class. Thank you!

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They played great! Caledonia was in perfect condition, True Blue was a bit more fun as my game prefers giant and wide fairways! TB was soggy in a couple of spots but the greens were perfect.

I recommend checking out Legends Heathland too. We had a lot of fun there, it’s Tom Doak’s first course and it won best new course back when it came out in the 90’s. But play it during the week if you can, the weekends get crazy out there.

Hope you have a great trip!


I opened this looking to critique your music playlist and then thought, geez, what an a$$hole move. So, I am going to listen to it and imagine I too am playing Caledonia tomorrow. Strantz is a legend. Caledonia is mint.

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Great stuff… thanks for doing this

Just an FYI, this works perfectly well for a Friday arvo 9 hole wander round the local short course :ok_hand: