NLU Scotland Unsanctioned Version - a NIT Qualification Event

So firstly, I want to thank @Soly, @djpie, @Tron, @Randy, and @MerchCzar (yeah I use the oxford comma) for the incredible content you provide and creating this awesome community. This is in no way a negative towards any of your hard work and I can’t imagine what goes into organizing a week long trip for 36 people.

As much as we all love Tour(ist) Sauce, coverage takes, pro interviews, etc. - the essence of NLU is bringing together a bunch of golf sickos and that’s exactly what The Refuge has provided (Drake voice “Started on Twitter now we here…”)

Saying that, I want to propose an abbreviated version of the trip to those who didn’t get the nod/can’t take the week:

  • 3 or 4 nights at an AirBnB in St. Andrews
  • Camp out OC one morning
  • 2 rounds at New/Castle/Jubilee
  • Feeling C-suite ish one day, maybe Kingsbarns or Carnoustie

Again, I want to be clear that it is not my intention to step on the toes of the NLU guys and the 31 others that are heading over, but if we want to heckle @Soly and praise St Rappeo from the Jigger Inn, I think it would be encouraged

So to The Refuge, let me know if you have any interest and I can start compiling a list. I’ve been over a few times and am happy to run with the planning. Might need to cap around 8-12, but we’ll freestyle when it comes closer. Strapped crew just figures it out

I can throw together some preliminary itineraries if there’s enough interest




We need a simultaneous wives/girlfriends/whatever trip planned as well.


A bunch of the UK guys are going to head up for a few days, doing much the same thing. Just wing it, get a Links Ticket, play some golf and hang out in the bars afterwards to put some faces to names of our friends on here.

Happy to co-ordinate with another group of you if you’re doing the same thing. We’ll be like the fringe based after, after party. Which everyone knows is way cooler. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I could be in for this. What are your plans/dates?

Interested - dates?

So dates wise, it makes the most sense to coordinate with the UK group and go from there.

@The_Cad_Says have you guys ironed out any details?

We should be arriving Monday 13th and leaving Friday 17th. Looking at Air BnB’s as we speak.

Awesome, thank you. Then anyone from the US (or elsewhere), let’s plan to do the same. I will fly out Sunday night and arrive Monday 13th. I’ll also take a look at AirBnBs now

So, we’re thinking of getting there on Monday 13th, mostly by car. We may even do a minibus from London if enough people want to do that. Arrive late afternoon / early evening Monday. Its about 450 miles / 8 hours drive. Or we might fly. Haven’t decided yet.

We’ll get a 3 day Links Ticket, which gives us access to unlimited golf on 6 of the Links courses (New, Jubilee, Eden, Castle etc - all of them but the Old) which is £185 in total. Crazy good deal!

We’ll stay in an Air BnB, or maybe a couple of them if there are a lot of us, leaving on Friday. We found one earlier that can accommodate 13 people in the centre of town for £75 each!

On the Tue, Wed & Thurs we’ll play our annual MacKenzie Cup, which is 36 holes Stableford over the New & Jubilee. Each fourball will be responsible for booking their own golf as the Links Ticket can only be booked a day in advance. So everyone is just told to play both courses once over the two days. That time of year though, on a weekday, and we’ll probably be able to get tee times pretty close together.

Of course, we’ll all try to ballot onto the Old at some point, so we’ll account for that. And probably do a few 9 hole evenings for the craic, etc.

We’ll do a dinner somewhere nice and formal on the Thursday night to award prizes. MacKenzie Cup winner, The Stick for lowest gross score, Best Shot for something audacious pulled off with aplomb, etc.

In the evenings we’re hoping we can find a pub with the other group in it and just hang out.


… forgot to say that this is completely open to anyone. Just turn up and let us know you’re coming so we can include you. More the merrier.

The MacKenzie is an RACDG GB&I thing but in the RACDG being a member of one chapter means you’re a member of them all. So if you’re a member in the NE USA, for example, you’re more than eligible to play in the MacKenzie. :slight_smile:

As long as I know numbers beforehand to co-ordinate, that would be cool.

Oh, and if a non GB&I member takes home the trophy, you will of course be expected to come back in 2021 to defend. Probably back at our usual venue of Alwoodley in Leeds (the good doctors first design).

Here’s a pic of the current holder with The Cup:


(He will be defending! And he’s a Scot who’s home course is a Links, so it’ll have to be pried from his hands…)


What a trip it is going to be!

Okay, so we’re making this formal - we have a Google Doc.

For now we’re taking names for definites and maybes. We’ve already booked one Air BnB for 10 people and we can get more if needs be. We’ll book the Links Tickets in October so we have til then before we have to start firming up. And we accept there will be some toing and froing as people on The 31 waiting list get upgraded.



Awesome! Thank you for running with this

Anyone from/flying through NYC, let’s see if we can coordinate flight plans. I live in Long Island City (Queens), so for out-of-towners if you want to crash the night before, I’ve got beers and air mattresses to offer


Don’t forget to stick your name on the doc, even if it’s just a maybe for now. :slight_smile:

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Added to the Maybe column on the sheet, gotta sell my wife on 2 Scotland golf trips next year :wink:


Did she know 2021 was officially Year of The Wife Can Do, Go and Say Whatever She Damn Well Likes, Amen?

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Is there official documentation of this somewhere? If not, could you possibly build a website that I could point my better half to?

I’m afraid you’re confusing me with the Merch Csar and his Google dollars. I’m barely able to turn my phone on.


I’m not familiar with this term. Is it Ulster-speak for blood money?

Perhaps I could offer my wife a week-long retreat in exchange for her permission to attend the St. Andrews gathering. Since you will not be using it, may I offer her the use of the Idaho Estate, Your Grace?