NLU Pro Shop


@Tizz @3wiggle heard. Will work on this. What color(s) are you most in on?


Heard. Will get these fired up. Any particular color that suits you?


Stickers are LIVE in the store…@scuff @FishNChips12 @ericrbens @BogeyBoy @Zocco


@Tron @TheMerchCzar some type of beanie/wool cap would be sick.


@Tron thanks for you guys putting out some good merch man.


@Tron that’s awesome! I’m a simple man, so something in the black, navy, grey, realm.


all white with green or navy logo.


Not only did you make a sticker sale, but also a t-shirt and a package of tees. I figure it is a small contribution to the amount of content I have consumed. Ha! Thank you!


First off I get it from a business standpoint. Golf balls won’t make your rich, but holy crap man. $8 a ball. They have to be only for show, right?

I’m lucky enough to have access to a tour ball for $20-$25 a dozen with a custom logo. My situation is unique, but I cannot put myself in the shoes of anyone who is paying $8 for any ball that they would use.


obviously, for EVERYTHING in golf, and the world, price is relative. Some folks would never drive more than a used Honda Civic, some only drive Ferrari’s.

Seamus makes awesome stuff, and some don’t care about price.


Yeah I get that. I really do. I don’t subscribe to it, but I get that people want what they want and to some price doesn’t matter. Ignorant of me to hop in on this with no knowledge, but is Seamus offering just a brand name tour ball with a logo?


I’m really just saving my schekels for the leather head-cover drop and the XL hats. I’m still working through my team USA tru-vis’s at the moment


Bought my golf balls before I saw stickers were up. Ugh. I’m waiting for the next release of mesh back hats, those are sick.


Seamus Golf: for just $30 more we will put goats on your balls!



@Tron @TheMerchCzar the holiday goodie box, what’s the timeline on that?


Dropping tomorrow for orders. Will ship around December 7th.


Take all my money


Trying not to! Confident we’ve put together a pretty cool box of stuff for a good value. If you were to purchase each item on own it would be about 40-50% more. Ideally this is somewhat profitable while kitting out the loyal supporters with some of our biggest hits (towels, tees) and hot new stuff (stickers, socks, beanies, tumblers, truvis) in an efficient way. Grateful for everyone who reps our stuff and want to make it as easy/affordable as possible to spread the word and grow the community! :call_me_hand:


Either white with navy logo or navy with white logo. Me and my giant noggin thank you!