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HUGE corgi fan. We have a mini-Aussie (had two but the older one was too much of a narcisstic shit-head and he made us nervous around kids, so we had to put him down earlier this year) so I’m down with herding dogs. May get a corgi next.


and hey if you need any dogs to test them out for sizing purposes lmk. zoë is a stellar model.

definitely in on the corgi wagon. zoë was an audible when I went to the shelter to adopt a German Shepherd-Corgi mix named Thor, but he got adopted between when I left the house and got to the shelter 20 minutes later.

Hell yeah thanks homie

@Tron If I remember right from Masters merch they only sell two dog collar options and both cover a pretty wide range of sizes, basically a S-M and a L-XL, would work well if y’all aren’t trying to hold too much inventory

Bjorg here is the best. Cannot recommend a corgi enough. He completely changed my outlook on “small” dogs after having retrievers growing up.

And I’ve discussed the potential collar with him and if 30 lbs is considered “small”, he’s willing to commit to a bulking regimen to fit into his NLU collar. He’s got a cute girlfriend at daycare that he needs to keep a thicc booty for but we should be fine.


We have a corgi and a chocolate lab. The stark contrast in personalities and dispositions add a ton of excitement to our family.

They’d be thrilled to rock NLU collars, strutting past all the other un-woke dogs in the neighborhood.


What the hell did that dog look like?!

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an angel :sob:


That’s the baddest-ass looking corgi I’ve ever seen.

New carpet going in the house tomorrow and I absolutely do not need a dog but you guis are giving me the itch again.

Females have a stronger urge to herd and be the alpha. Nothing wrong with that, just be prepared. Our Bella will put an entire room of people in line when she feels things are getting out of control.

My sister has both genders. The male is the coolest laid back dude, loves playing ball and all the dog games.

Corgis are great dogs. Tons of personality!

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Guess I’ll just have to stick to making bootleg cones of shame for the small dogs of the Refuge.


there are TFE stickers/??




I need it

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Who’s that ugly Man/Cow??


That team nandy sticker :frog: :frog:


Buy a beanie. I got one in my box.

For this comment alone please take all my money. I’ll for sure snag some pup merch, non-Snowball size.