NLU Pro Shop

Also, is the writing on the koozie trying to tell us something? Is NLU a front for a Marxist revolutionary movement?


Me too. Likely will fill stockings and gift the other items.

New hoodies and sweatshirts are in production but probably not in the shop before Christmas.


Lol, a very very very deep cut joke:

My roommate’s name is Jerry Bell…there was a pizza shop next to Columbia named Che Bella…we started calling him Che Bellz…then we dropped the Bellz, and now we call him “Che.” He has his very own Koozie in the apt., and it happens to be the only green Koozie I have around. I needed a picture for the site…there ya have it!


Duel merch is no longer available. It was just a limited run for the event.

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Looking forward to waffle in Navy

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H&B Evans Vests. They would make a great addition, especially for early spring golf.


Yeah, that’s fine… just pointing out you can take the link down. :slight_smile:

Nice! I can wait. Just happy to have some sweatshirt options.

There’s a nice little space carved out of the bank account for this piece when available.

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same, eagerly awaiting its return

Am I reading @Tron’s note right, that there will only be 50 available in each color? Size wise that could mean less than 10-15 in each relevant size. Yikes.

I call one of the Navy Ward Sweaters in Large you heard it here first.

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More like 3rd chachi

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Will there be an opportunity to buy the buff on its own? I got the holiday box last year (it was great), so I’ve already got a few similar items.

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Hey Eric - we do have it for sale individually (glad you’re still using the stuff from last year’s box - that means it’s quality!) but just realized it wasn’t mapped properly. Should be showing up on front page now. Here’s a link to the product page too:


Any chance I can buy just the patch @Tron?

I didn’t know I needed this, and I’m not sure I’ll ever wear it, but I sort of need it.


I’d used them for fishing before and then ZB brought it to Australia and I thought he was crazy. Then I got roasted in Tasmania and bought one. Ever since I’ve always kept one in my golf bag. Can also use it when it’s cold to keep the wind off your face/neck. Useful statement piece. Stoked we were able to get custom ones done.

And @paroutfromhere yeah we’ll get some of them kitted up similar to the sticker pack. Stay tuned - may not be til January but we’ll make it happen.


I use them for yard work all the time. I also use them as a scarf for my dog to make her look fly as hell.