NLU Pro Shop


I put lavender pellet things in my laundry. Helps make the laundry fresh, so maybe it could work for the towel?


Waiting for them to replenish the shop with more buckets.


In the “legends never die” collection - the David Duval double fist-pump from the 1999 singles victory at brookline. Need it. Huge.


replicas of the sunday 1999 shirts actually. what are we even doing here if we can’t recreate those gems…


already been done by Tour Junkies


I’m sure you’re constrained by vendors and the volumes you’re working with, but tall sizes in the polos would be appreciated.


Tees are in stock. LIT.


Price: $ 18.00 USD


No Laying Up isn’t just about golf - it is a lifestyle and that applies everywhere, especially the dessert table.


Saw that, laughed out loud, and went about my day. Then realized they probably can price 100 tees for $18 and still get demand. Good for them.


My t-shirt and towel arrived this week.

My wife- “You normally have good taste in golf gear, but that brand is hideous.”

She not be woke.


Tees look great guys. Thanks for doing a run of them. I’ve ordered a batch. For those who think they are expensive at $18, I look at it this way -

If they cost $8 retail and you also made a $10 donation to No Laying Up to keep the sauce flowing, you’d continue to enjoy amazing content, be supporting incredible creative guys who make golf better, and you’d also have your tees. Same same.


I know personally it’s going to take awhile for me to go through 100 tees anyways. It’s worth it.


Yep. Thanks to the Killhouse crew (and perhaps a handful of other golf and non-golf pods), I’m able to survive the boredom of the gym, and therefore not be fat from sitting at a desk all day.


my wife the first time I wore my shirt “what the Hell is #Toursauce?”


I typically break a tee on almost every hole. I broke 2 the first round I played and 3 the second round. Thick shank hardwood. (I can’t get down with plastic)

Also, we’ll be putting 10-pack samples in orders soon so you can try them out even if the price is too steep for your blood.


Keep an eye on the shop later this week. Possible heat advisory. Leathergoods in the works and will be live next month too.



Continually re-setting the bar for what might actually be too good… Take my money.


Looks like i found the headcover to grace my new hickory bag.


Wow, you guys amaze me with the depths of your hidden skill sets. I had no idea @djpie and @Randy could crochet…