NLU Pro Shop


I am really surprised they don’t carry bumper stickers and magnets…I would put a magnet on my fridge.


I was going to take a picture of the one on the little pedestrian bridge between the LIRR station and the course entrance, but that would mean I’d hold up all the foot traffic


I see the new shirts are operating off the Jason Day sizing chart


been seeing a lot of the towel today in the featured group coverage


Yeah I bought an “XL” back when they called that size the “lefty” and it was tight. Going to opt for the Kiradech size this time around.


I am probably going to be buying one of their performance pullovers pretty soon. With most things I’m right between sizes of large and XL. Anyone have a recommendation for what I should go for?


I would err on the larger side.


Any chance you guys will ever release a fitted hat? No wide-brimmed bullshit either…please make it low-profile like your adjustable hats. :slight_smile:


Have this exact towel plus the NLU towel I just picked up. I do loop this one on alignment sticks… but tuck the NLU towel between clubs to carry it to greens or tee boxes on early morning rounds to keep grips dry, etc.


Need need need this hat that @TheMerchCzar is rocking.


In the last podcast @Soly mentioned getting the NLU Callaway balls out to the public at some time. Curious if they are gonna be offered through here or on Callaway’s website? Also, when can we look for stickers and other merch to hit the market @TheMerchCzar


We need a “focus baby you alright!” Collection ASAP


So I’ve been using my towel for about a month now. Has anyone any issues with the smell on the towel after getting it wet/muddy? I wash mine at least once a week or after a couple rounds and after one soaking it legit smells terrible/moldy.

Is it because it’s not an anti-microbial one like CG waffle towels or something else? I don’t want to take it off the bag, cause well, sauce, but this thing legit reeks a hole after it’s been in the laundry.


@TheMerchCzar Any idea when youll get some more bucket hats in the Pro Shop? For those of us with non Toddler sized heads?


Can we get some Big and Tall sizes going on the shirts and pullovers?


Yes please, for those of us that are Big Randy-sized.


Or just fat like me…


NEED some Ryder Cup gear


Taken delivery of a recent order from the shop. Thanks @TheMerchCzar and crew for the rapid freight, and the great range. Will be hitting insta with bag and towel shots this Sunday morning! #GetInvolved


Got my Big Randy certified NLU Big Bucket hat and it’s my new favorite thing. #getinvolved