NLU Pro Shop


/quietly removes towel clips from bag


/quietly puts NLU Loop on old towels clip


I love it. Way to not bend to the community. You gotta do what’s best/most comfortable for your golf experience.


I have TWO towels on clips, one on either side of the bag


That’s too much for me. If I am riding in a cart, two towels get in my way when I am trying to get into my bag pockets. Unless you are using washcloths for towels…you’re not doing that, right? :worried:


But why?


one for each school I attended because I couldn’t pick

/looks down
I once did this


Is this thread secretly a plant by Big Towel?


I refuse to buy anything from NLU until they stock neoprene iron covers with BALLER written on them.


They should do something like that for April Fools’.


I just got an NLU towel and it doesn’t have a loop…

I drape mine through the grab handle of my bag.


Tuck that bad boy between your clubs, it’ll stay.


NLU towel does not have a loop. Mine arrived today. Taking the sauce to the course on Saturday :+1:t2:


I got a NLU towel and cut a hole in the middle of it and wear it like a poncho.


I like to wear it over my head and neck like T. E. Lawrence, secured by a huge rubber band around my forehead. On Sundays the rubber band is red.


Received my towel last night…very upset that there was no NLU sticker with purchase - I was hoping to tag that sucker on the bottom of my bag :frowning:


Nobody has defined the threshold purchase for getting a sticker. I wish they would just sell the things :frowning:

I want one to put on my laptop


I got a sticker when I ordered a towel (and only a towel) a few months ago. I’m guessing they’re just out of them after mailing stickers out with all the thank yous to people that entered the charity raffle and tagging various objects around Shinny.




As many stickers as YungNeil was slapping on stuff at Shinnecock, I can believe they’d be out.