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Not sure if this has been mentioned but the tour visor with the logo would be nice.


@themerchczar when will you have bucket hats back in stock?


@TheMerchCzar Any update on a re-up in the store? Hoping to cop a fresh lid and one of those great NLU sweatshirts.


@Tron and I are working a re-stock now for H&B and Imperial hats, and I think there are some sweatshirts being restocked as well. Stay tuned for an update later this week! Thanks for all the feedback on this thread.


I would definitely go a size up. Also, one time I ordered a hat that ended up being a little small and @TheMerchCzar responded to my email about a potential return right away and was great help getting that processed. Don’t know what their policy is for other items but never hurts to ask.


Yeah, if the shirt was unwearable, I would return. However, I know how much shipping and restocks kill profits. I want to support NLU even if it means I have to make my abdomen a V-shape instead of its current U. (Not to worry though, I am already working on that in the 2019 Goals thread.)




would love a re-up on PCM tee shirts in large or XL if that’s on the radar at all


I bought a boat sauce shirt a few years ago that was skin tight. New years resolution every year since has been to fit into it. Still working on it but even 3 years post Chambers Bay, I have zero concern that FIGJAM waving at a boat will ever go out of style.


I bought the poster, put it in a frame, and it’s up in my office. but for the next one i would make the “NO LAYING UP” branding smaller and more subtle. but maybe i’m just old.

i was impressed with the H&B vest I got and was a big fan of the cut. i would buy that brand again.

in the sticker pack the fore left guy i can’t get to separate from the clear film. but whatever, it’s a sticker.


I don’t get that - I heard @Tron say on a pod (I think) that as soon as he sees a towel on a clip, he knows he’s playing with a hacker or something. I don’t want to quote because I don’t remember it exactly but … why is this? What do non hackers do for a towel, just carry it around? Most of us don’t play with caddies, and many of us try to walk the course, so if you want to clean your clubs, where do non hackers carry their towel? I"m asking genuinely as someone who damn sure clips his towel to his bag and never thought to do otherwise.


For me, having a towel clip says, “I can’t keep up with my shit and I frequently get confused as to how to get to the next tee.” Why do I feel this way? I don’t know.

I have a large towel with a loop on the center-edge. I throw my towel around my makeshift alignment stick and it stays there the whole round.


trustfundturncoatrabbitearstron says that because he’s been to a couple pro-ams now and has seen that “the pros” have big tour towels that they just drape through the middle of the bag and hang on the clubs. i don’t have a clip either, and i have one of the waffle towels with a slit in the middle that i hang on the 3i…but if you want a clip go for it and give everyone else the bird.


So it’s still attached to the bag (and an alignment stick which no doubt someone will cry foul for you having in your bag during a round) but the clip is the issue? OK.

I guess I could put it around my 3-wood since I almost never use that club these days…!


This and the old buckets please!


I have 3 clipped towels. One on either side of my bag and one on the handle of my push cart. #baller


I need to make sure my clip on towel is around for when I see Tron in April.


Yeah, but your towels are probably made of cashmere or the fur of a long extinct cat.


I wouldn’t know. I don’t do manual labour. I have my people clean my clubs for me. I just know there are three on there.


You just loop the towel through your clubs. It doesn’t fall out i promise. The only caveat is that you need a BIG towel. NLU towel is perfect size.