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It appears we lost the “more NLU accessories” thread in @Randy 's refuge re-design. Any updates on head covers and/or yardage book covers? Killed me to see Parziale rocking a barstool headcover during US Open coverage. Frankly all Rogue fairway woods with a loft higher than 19 degrees should come with the option for a @Tron designed #sexwood cover.

Feel free to disregard if this is too nitpicky, but the current layout of categories on the Pro Shop is a little confusing. “classics tab” encompasses something called the signature series?


They can have a real profiting opportunity if they take their merch to the next level. I’m talking bags, head covers, yard books, needlepoint goods etc. So many options


…underwear, sex toys, cell phone plans…


No Laying Up: the T-shirt, No Laying Up: the Coloring Book, No Laying Up: the Lunchbox, No Laying Up: the Breakfast Cereal! No Laying Up: the Flame Thrower!



Moichandising! Moichandising! May the Schwartz be with you.

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i just want the ability to buy a few effing stickers.


Would love to see this, but as a pocket tee. Maybe with contrasting color pocket.

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Does anyone know how the hats fit? I have a pretty large head (7 5/8 hat size) and sometimes hats like this are too shallow for my big noggin.
(item pictured below for reference only)

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If it’s an imperial performance one. Highly recommend. I got a buck club one and it’s possibly better material fit and breathability wise than a “big brand”.

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Imperial is awesome. The merch tent at the Arnold Palmer Inv. actually had mostly Imperial lids, at least for all the tournament-branded ones.

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To be honest, the hat I got last year was too small for my giant dome (7 7/8, and I don’t even know Victor Conte) - shallow and straining the limits of “adjustable” on the velcro strap. Not sure if it is still the same manufacturer.

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Thanks for that feedback. That is pretty much what I was worried about. With big heads those shallow fit hats become a quite unappealing look.


sounds like the NLU guys need to offer this option from imperial.

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How come they refuse to put a beanie clip on their golf towels?

It’s a style thing. A towel with a clip screams hacker.


same reason they don’t sell neoprene iron covers


hahaha okay, the iron covers I get…however I have always used a towel that can clip to my bag I find it so much more convenient.

You just leave the towel draped across your clubs?


Loop that over an alignment rod (you know, the driveway marker that you bought at Home Depot for $1.50 instead of a $30-branded alignment stick) and you are good to go. :slight_smile:

BTW, this is my towel that I bought off ebay for $7.


I had to explain this type of sauce to @ANTIFAldo recently. He too had been duped into thinking a clip was necessary. I have never lost a towel draped among clubs, or anchored to my alignment rods.

This was my towel of choice until NLU re-stocked that towel hotness.



OH! Okay i didn’t know there was a loop on the NLU towel (coming Friday) - can’t wait christen it with some fescue this weekend.

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