NLU Pro-Am Circuit

@Soly, @Tron, and non C-Suite crew,

Apologies in advance if this has already been answered elsewhere, but are you guys getting comped into all of these pro-am, or are you paying full freight like the rest of the late-stage capitalist executive swine?

Please don’t take the question as a criticism if you’re flying free. I’m all for you boys getting as much access as possible; I’m just curious because I’d think there’d be some resentment if there weren’t already (lookin at you, Kessler) from the traditional media shlubs that you guys are getting into these things all the time. Or do those guys (magazine writers, etc.) play these regularly, too?

We have never paid to play a Pro-Am. We’re invited by either the tournament, the sponsor, an agent… hell the tour has even arranged a spot for me before. It’s an easy way for the tournament to get some eyeballs on the event, and it’s great for us to be able to interact with the players. Surprisingly haven’t gotten much blow back from the journos on us playing Pro-Am’s, but maybe they just complain about that privately.


I think most journalists are doing their work while the NLU guy (or tw) are playing (which is them doing their work). So I doubt they care that the NLU guys are playing/caddying in the pro-am.

I don’t mean that as a slight, but simply that their “#content” is different. They’re interviewing players, caddies, equipment van guys, whatever. They’re attending the interviews in the media center. They’re walking the range talking to guys.

They don’t have five hours to play on a Wednesday, nor is that the content they want to generate. Events give out some pro-am spots for the promotion, and journalists aren’t (too) into the promotional game.

Suhweet. I have no doubt some of them bitch about it privately, but screw em. New world, new media, new rules.

Now just make sure you all have credentials for the Masters, and then win the media tee time lottery. I suspect you’ll hear some of the bitching then.

I think you’re underestimating the pettiness and ego of many media members, and overestimating the amount of work many of them have to do prior to Thursday. Even playing a tour venue aside, there are lots of guys, especially freelancers out there who’d love to spend 3 hours on the course with a player as the foundation of a feature story. Not every (or even most) golf writer is is just reporting who’s playing well; especially in the local market where the tournament is being held, they’re looking for human angles.


Do you know if “traditional” media types ever play in pro-ams? I vaguely remember hearing Porath mention a pro-am story, but have no clue if the regular journos covering the tour week-to-week ever end up playing. I would assume they’d only get a spot if it didn’t sell out or someone had to cancel, but I have no clue how often that happens.

Perhaps in a few cases… but I’ve been a media member at 50 main tour events (PGA Tour, Ryder Cups, U.S. Opens, LPGA…) and so my commentary is based on that and those experiences.

I wonder how many media members, if they were to play with Pat Perez, would generate a “this is the best pro-am group we have ever played with” quote. Actually I don’t wonder. The answer is zero.

@soly and @Tron are good players (despite that unfortunate hoselrocket appearance yesterday…yeeeeeesh), they produce good content and the players clearly enjoy and open up to them.

Too bad if Larry Donegan gets his knickers in a bunch.


next question: when can I join in?

I feel like I don’t usually see them playing in them, but I could be wrong. I don’t focus too much on the guys trying to take my trophies, I’m just focusing on playing the best golf I can play and taking it as seriously as possible.


Also getting footage of Tron chipping.



Looks like it does happen after all: from Golf Digest.