NLU Podcast, Episode 186: 2018 Trivia, Resolutions, New Rules, and Mailbag Questions


Just a thread to share thoughts about this episode. These are by far my favorite types of episodes, just hanging out and shooting the shit. The interviews are great and obviously bring all kinds of legitimacy/access/visibility/other good things, but give me Tron talking about Rory Sabbatini’s newly minted Slovakian citizenship and all this other nonsense all day.

Also, someone guessed Ryan Armour for the winner of the event with the smallest purse, and it led me to Google him. Guy is unconscious off the tee!


The discussion of Sabbatini and Slovakia really made me think about the Ryder Cup and how this could be a big issue in the future. JDay is married to an American. Presuming he gets his US citizenship at some point (does he already have it?), would he be Ryder Cup eligible? That would cause quite a fuss.

Heck, Rory married an American. He is eligible for citizenship. As was pointed out- it isn’t birth nation (Justin Rose was born in South Africa).


Hence, my theory that Erica Stoll is actually playing the long game, which will come to fruition when Rory McIlroy, Jr., plays for the U.S.A. at the 2048 Ryder Cup at Hazeltine.


Does getting Rory to the course on time in ‘12 play into this theory?


It’s been mentioned before in another thread but @Soly brought this up again for DJ’s resolution. The idea that, thanks to new golf balls, snap-hooks don’t snap-hook anymore… oh boy, would I love to show you the disgusting shots I am capable of hitting on a golf course. That shot is still VERY possible for golfers.


As with everything, it’s all relative. And not meant literally. They definitely don’t snap hook the way they did in the late 90’s.


Absolutely it does. Erica’s sacrificing pawns to establish decades of dominance.


I disagree but I don’t want to tell you how I know.


We can agree to disagree on this. I could almost argue they are more punishing because technology has made the ball go farther… farther and farther left.

Your point about him aiming down the middle because he still pulls his “wipey fade” left on occasion is solid advice though.


Agree. The shoot the sh-t podcasts are always the best.


faux-lex series. fred-ex cup. bingo. my head is swimming with ways to get involved.


Just listened. Love this format and type of “coverage”. Great shit.


Re: The Bethpage Black take, I’m definitely one of those guys who rides for it pretty hard. Tron is right that in mid summer or when they’re prepping for a tournament it is borderline not fun. The rough is just too much, they might as well put water on either side of the fairway a la Tommy Raynor

However, in early summer or the fall, the rough is pretty manageable and it becomes one of my favorite strategic golf courses that I’ve played. You’ll still get ejected but its way more fun when you feel like it’s because Tillinghast (and RTJ?) just perfectly baited you into trying something dumb.

Long story short, come out in Sept/Oct and its a good time.


Knowing how far off -line I can snap hook or snap slice one, I’d hate to see me playing golf in the early 90’s.

playing along for fun, major predictions below:
Masters: Rory (exercise the demons and the visual of Reed slipping the green jacket on him)
PGA: Brooks
US Open: Tiger (the comeback is officially complete)
British Open presented by Her Majesty the Queen: Fleetwood


I am way in on @Tron’s birdie every hole at a course bet.


I never done that in bet form, but I’ve always had the goal to play a course enough to birdie (or eagle) every hole. The closest I’ve gotten somewhere was 16/18 playing there pretty frequently over two years. I think I’m up to 14/18 at the current home course.


Solid episode - I am excited for 2019.

Obviously sh***** on the USGA is fun, on brand, and I am totally on board. However, I thought the crew came off a bit ignorant since there is a really sharp and well designed mobile app with video explainers, a players edition of the rules, FAQs, etc.

I am consistently impressed with the quality of the mobile apps the USGA puts out; the U.S. Open app is great and the updates are consistently good every year. “We” are the target audience for these, so I think it is worth acknowledging the effort to make it easier to follow their premier tournament and understand the new rules.

Obviously there is a lot to gripe about w/r/t the entire process, and maybe they haven’t done enough to raise awareness of the app. But, I think it’s worth downloading and using. Am I alone? Bueller?


Are you a cop?


It’s Mike Davis’ burner. Now that he’s not in charge of course setup he’s got time to troll the refuge.


I knew I got a whiff of bacon when reading that!