NLU Podcast, Episode 121: Dustin Johnson


and later DJ was singing it while standing on a chair


Did I hear correctly that he got the highest recorded score on the wunderlic test out of everyone on tour?


I think it was the highest of all Adidas golfers.


I thought they said it was some sort of test that would measure self-confidence, and it’s given to all Adidas athletes, not just golfers. Not the same thing as the Wunderlic


This makes more sense. Have a hard time believing DJ is acing any IQ focused tests.


was the accident at The Masters last year an off-limits topic? I’d love to hear more from DJ on that considering how hot he was and how fluky it seemed. Even putting aside the conspiracy theories, it was probably the biggest “what-if” of the 2017 season.

great episode otherwise, loved it!


During the time we spent with him through the day, I heard five different people ask him about it. It felt like the topic had been covered. If there is a juicy detail out there about it, he certainly isn’t going to share it. Our goal is always to try to uncover stuff that people haven’t heard before. We’ve heard plenty about the accident, and the rehearsed jokes about renting a one story place have just worn on us a bit I guess.

To clarify - there was nothing that was noted to us as off limits. Super impressed by his and his team’s willingness to let us do whatever we wanted with the interview, and trusted us to know what was off limits and what wasn’t.


thanks for the transparency. I hadn’t thought about how sick he must be of hearing about it, especially if people are cracking jokes about it with him all the time.