NLU Podcast, Episode 121: Dustin Johnson


I think it probably shines through in the intro, but we were stoked to get the chance to spend a day with DJ, and get a glimpse into how he operates. There’s a lot of stuff that happened through the course of the day that are impossible to squeeze into this recording, but I think you’ll learn some things about DJ by listening to this. Enjoy.


Constantly laughing along to DJs audio, trying to picture what he was doing with his microphone :joy::joy:


Great stuff guys. Really great to hear from a guy that (as you noted in the pod) that has always kind of been shrouded in this veil of secrecy. Whether it’s intentional or unintentional he’s a legitimate World No. 1 and it’s kind of hard to believe he can still claim to be relatively inconspicuous compared to some of his peers. @Soly if it’s as hard to read him as you say, do you think he enjoyed the experience and would come back on? Or was this our one glance into the abyss that is DJ’s mind/outlook on golf?


As golf fans, it’s pretty rare for us to hear DJ talk about himself much, let alone for an extended amount of time.

He sounds like the most at-ease person, which is why he’s my spirit animal.


This may be the best example of the mixed vibes you get from DJ.

We were supposed to chat with him for 30 minutes. We obviously went way long, and DJ checked with his social media manager on whether or not we needed to wrap up. The response was that he was into this, and it was fine to keep going. So in that regard, it seems like we did get a better performance out of DJ than they were used to.

Later at the reception for the junior tournament, we got the chance to shoot the shit with him for a few minutes. I asked him whether that interview was more fun or at least different than most media he’s done. He kinda just shrugged and smiled as if to say, “na, not really, it’s just an interview man, I do a bunch of them.”

I do think he would come back on, and it would probably be even better the second time around. We’ll definitely explore it again in the future.


Was really looking forward to this and while it didn’t disappoint, I had a more difficult time engaging with DJ than other guests and it probably has to do with his ultra laid back disposition. Good on him, definitely something to envy but doesn’t translate the best over the mic for an hour.


I was excited to listen to this as I feel golf media continues to push a very unfair “DJ is dumb” narrative.

He comes through as thoughtful, but above else very nonchalant about how he does things, and I love that. His story about Phil and BAD was great and shows that he just can’t operate that way…and it’s working. I think the guys in the TV towers can take this interview and shove it. Nice job with the interview.


Was really hoping to get some Wayne Gretzky stories in there, but gotta imagine that’s a no-fly zone


Great podcast!
I thought for suuuuure we would hear DJ’s story about what all went down last year at the Masters, what he did after the WD, ect. Maybe the story just wasn’t that interesting, but I would have loved to hear the discussion.

But over all, well done.


I’ve gone from not being a fan to just appreciating the guy for what he is. Still can’t say I’m quick to pull for him in tournaments but I appreciate most of his nonchalant nature and how it allows him to be very effective at what he does. I used to think some of his bland approach to interviews and life in general stemmed from arrogance but I’ve learned with help from output like this pod that’s not the case…he seems fairly humble given his immense talent.

Relating to my commentary above I’m going to disagree with you here and say that I actually think a main driver behind his uncaring approach to interviews and the game is that he is, in fact, not very smart. I’m nearly certain in Phil’s famous leather jacket interview with Feherty when he said great golfers are either really smart and analytical or really dumb he was referring to Dustin on the dumb side (maybe Bubba also). It just doesn’t occur to Dustin to care about the pressure of big events or dwell on blown chances and that’s a big advantage for him.


I enjoyed this pod & it’s more enjoyable if you understand DJ as this chill guy who doesn’t really give a shit, altho it did kind of drag on near the end


I think the biggest takeaway from me is that it was a good amount of stuff we have never heard or didn’t know about. Also, I appreciate that it wasn’t full of fluff and stupid tv lob questions.


Although it would be interesting to hear, cheers to you guys for not bringing up sensitive topics like his leave from the tour etc. There’s just way too many media outlets these days that could care less about sensitive topics that would bring it up just for the views.


It was a good episode, but ultimately I felt a little let down - DJ just seems like a guarded/tough interview. Interview #2 would love to hear you guys go deeper. Given what he says he normally plays for, try to get a 9 in with him somewhere, get 4 strokes against your handicap (or 2 if nine), play for drinks and do the 2nd round over those.


Loved it. This man is a National Treasure. To be in his shoes and have the “It’s just a game” perspective on what we all viewed as massive heartbreaks shows how much more grounded than a lot of guys he is. At the same time, to look at those “failures” and try to take away the positives to build upon them shows he’s probably much smarter than people give him credit for. I always like to judge people in the public eye with the “would I want to have a beer with him/her”, and DJ just shot up to the top of that list.


DJ isn’t as engaging as some of the other guests you’ve had, but this was still really interesting. A couple of thoughts I had while listening:

He’s a golf savant, holy crap. He seemed to have instant recall of a ton of his shots, which is crazy when you think about how much golf he’s played. Some of the stuff he talked about with golf was really impressive. Practicing on one specific thing is really smart, and it’s how we all should be doing it. He’s basically right when he says that when he putts well, he’ll win a tournament. Which is true with how good his long game is. I’ve always thought of him as empty headed, but I was really impressed with his approach and thoughts on golf.

He also seems really genuine. The DJ you get in interviews, on the course, etc. is pure DJ. It’s not like some golfers that put on a media face or something.

Overall, pretty solid podcast. A very different guy from a lot of pro golfers, but it was a good change of pace.


I thought it was a great podcast, always have loved DJ and he did not disappoint in the slightest. Was hoping the topic of the President’s Cup press conference would come up, since he was hilariously drunk during it. Maybe if they get a second chance with DJ they can ask about that one


I thought bringing Allen Terrell into this stepped this pod up big time. He obviously has a deep relationship with Dustin and broke down the walls a little more then NLU was able to. Give Allen a list of questions next time and have him run the pod and you might be able to get a little deeper. Overall really enjoyed it though!


Way to go NLU, this was a fantastic pod. I think the charm of it is that DJ is DJ (at least he seems to be), as others have pointed out. I loved hearing him talk about the practice round with Phil and BAD and getting a headache over those two talking. He doesn’t over simplify things. Seems like a pretty decisive guy. I wonder if part of his bad memory comes from years of partying. I’m sure Terrell has some classic stories from the college days and what caused him to punish DJ.

Did you guys hear that DJ had a fan ejected on 16? Oh wait… I’m pretty sure DJ would have laughed at that guy, made eagle on 18, win the tournament and then go bang the shit out of Paulina. Go DJ.


Still laughing at Jordan singing, ‘Siii Woooo shaking dat asss’ :joy: