NLU Podcast, Episode 113: Australia


This thread is for any discussion/feedback/questions the listeners have on the latest podcast on our trip down under.


Great pod guys. Surprising comments on Barnbougle… Most ppl prefer Barnbougle Dunes to Lost Farm. The rankings consistently have BD ahead of LF. Personally I would go 6 rounds at LF and 4 at BD. What would your splits be?


We talked about this a ton. I think @Tron and I were in the 7-3 split range and the rest of the group was closer to 50-50 or 6-4. @RaynorMan thought both were the best courses he’d ever seen.


Loved the podcast. Your views on all things Aussie were spot on. Given the short stay and how much you all crammed in to the week it is really something to recall holes in such detail, and have such intelligent views on the courses.

Must say - the Vegemite take was the best I’ve ever heard too. :blush:

Regarding Lost Farm and Barnbougle, I have several friends who view LF as superior. They were pleased to hear the love for it on the Podcast. Their acid test when assessing someone’s golf archi nerd cred is to ask their split of BD v LF. Me, I’d probably play each course 5 times in a ten round split test.


Was down there a few years ago, Could only play one so I chose LF, Dunes gets the credit but LF caught my eye & it was wild, Nice day but plenty of wind (Drove the second w/ a 3woo) & the par 3’s are mint.

Gotta get back down there & play the Dunes


Just finished the pod, great complement to the Michael Clayton episode, bravo.

I can’t even imagine greens stimping at 15.5-16, unreal.

You guys gave one word on each course, how about one word on golf in Oz?


My one word is “invigorating.” “Invigorating, mate” is my two-word review.


Greetings from Aust. Awesome podcast team - you’ll have to get to Sydney next time as well!!


I seem to recall a teaser for the first Aus video a few weeks back, but I haven’t seen a video come out. Is there a revised ETA?


Hoping for next week, but still up in the air. When it comes out, we want to do one each week. We’re trying to finalize some of the down the road ones to make sure we keep a schedule once it begins.