NLU Peloton Thread - Sam’s 20 Min 90’s Rock Ride from 4/13/23

I’ve added a handful - a mix of Sam, Emma, Denis and Leanne.


Just saw that Charlotte’s ride has both of these songs! Not the biggest Bruce fan by any means but I’ve actually heard of a majority of the songs in her ride compared to Jenn’s…

Oooo, good call, forgot about subtitled rides.

Also like that this one is 30 minutes. Personally I don’t do too many 45 minute rides…when I’ve got time for a 45min+ workout, I prefer to diversify a bit with a 20 or 30 minute ride and a 10-30 minute strength class.

Appreciate the heads up.

About the only 4 I ride. I will do the occasional none PZ Wilpers ride, but those are few and far between it seems.

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Feels like a bit since we’ve had one of these rides, thanks @taylorf for the pick of Alex’s 30 Min Club Bangers from 5/13/23. These are always fun! @ChickPhilA can you please update the title?



Not at all the playlist I was expecting for a Club Bangers, but still probably my favorite ride category!


Really fun ride to kick off MDW! Definitely not a typical club bangers playlist, I was with it though!


Hope everyone had a restful long weekend - back now with an update for the week. Thanks @Rossy2644 for suggesting this week’s ride of Sam’s 20 Min 90’s Rock Ride from 4/13/23. @ChickPhilA please update the title when you’ve got a minute or two. Have a great week everyone!



Fun one! Always forget how good of instructor Sam is.