NLU On Spotify?

I can’t find the podcasts on Spotify. Is there a reason why it is not on Spotify? I tried searching the forum and didnt find anything about this.

Is there an easy way for Android users to listen? Right now I just play it through google on my mobile web browser but that’s not ideal.

Is overcast on Android? That’s what I use.

I know Spotify had been notoriously difficult to get podcasts approved in the past. The huge ones don’t have a problem but the smaller to mid-sized podcasts not backed by a large corporate entity I listen to have been working for months to get them on Spotify and just recently were “approved.” Perhaps they are still waiting on a verdict.

I think Marco Arment would rather burn alive than develop his app for Android :rofl: Overcast is my favorite app on my phone but it’s always going to be iOS only.

Google Podcasts seems like the best free Android podcast player.


I might be wrong, but I think I’ve seen @soly reply to a tweet with the same question that there where some issues getting it approved.

Google Podcasts is a pretty good alternative.

i use podcast addict on my phone. works fine

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You do realize NLU wouldnt be happening without Callaway right?

Our host is not compatible with Spotify or google play. Trust me, we’ve tried. Still looking into alternatives.

What I meant was they aren’t under the umbrella of NPR, WSJ, NYT, etc. type of huge media companies that are able to get their podcasts on there with little to no hassle. Nor do I think they have the amount of listens where Spotify has no choice but to get them on there. Plus, they aren’t a Callaway branded podcast, they are just sponsored by them. NLU is it’s own entity. But there are a lot of small shops that have had difficulty with Spotify, that was the gist of my comment.

Right. The way you worded your first comment suggested to me that anyone without sponsorship (aka, backing), couldnt get on.

I use Sticher on my Android phone to listen to the podcasts.

Spotify is too mainstream. I only play hickories, balata balls, and listen to NLU on vinyl on my refurbished turntable and tube amp whilst drinking barrel aged beer.


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You dont make your own beer?


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I make my own barrels out of trees removed from my local muni.


I use PodcastGo to listen. Never had any issues with it, works pretty well.