NLU Membership Ideas


We founded No Laying Up to discuss, play, follow, and laugh about the game of golf at all levels. That it’s turned into this community of thoughtful, like-minded golfers is beyond our wildest expectations. We’re grateful for your support over the last few years!

As we think about ways to improve NLU, we usually end up discussing how excited we are about the success of The Refuge. We are currently revamping our website and exploring new ways to add value to the NLU community experience.

As part of this web redesign, we want to solicit feedback on an idea we are very excited about: a No Laying Up membership model with different membership tiers of added value…an NLU Golf Club.

Before we launch an initiative like this, we have two objectives:

  1. Assuring you that we are not putting our content behind a paywall. This is an initiative to help us invest more in cultivating the NLU community and will help us fund things like additional NLU events in the years to come, custom merchandise and member discounts, member giveaways/contests, and even help us facilitate NLU meet-up’s and networking through a potential NLU membership directory. In the future, this membership model may also assist us in producing additional content without having to wait on sponsor buy-in or to chase down ill fitting sponsors for projects we are passionate about.

  2. Soliciting feedback from The Refuge regarding what you think would be valuable if you were to consider becoming a member of the NLU Golf Club. And yes, we are working on a better name, so suggestions on that front are appreciated as well.

Thanks for getting involved,

Neil | Tron | DJ | Soly | Randy


I knew this was coming, I’m in.

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Is this like the Bucks Club? (ducks and covers)

I’m probably out on the payment. I watch and subscribe to the YTs, so I feel like I’m paying indirectly to some degree. I’ve met a ton of great people through this site (#thankful), but I personally don’t think I’d pay for extra stuff. I’m sure lots of people would. But I like the community aspect of this thing the most, and would hate to have to pay for camaraderie.


Personally I’d need to see what the details would look like, but I’m not opposed at all to a membership of sorts. I can only imagine the amount of trouble the Strapped Boys would get into with a sudden influx of capital


i’m with you 100% @mack.

I’ve been a fan since around 2015, and I plan on going down with the ship.


So we’re asking what you think would be valuable in a membership, so ANY ideas you have send them our way. That’s the goal of this post…It’s not to announce a membership. It’s to figure out what you’d want from one if we created it…


I’m in on supporting the squad directly depending on how things are laid out. At the end of the day, I’ve never had a problem paying for something that provides value in excess of free.

Having seen the thread that talks about The Outpost Club and the New Club, a way to play interesting courses with other refugee’s would likely cause me to shell out some $$ each year to facilitate logistics.


Totally missed that part.

Also crowdfunding further GG lessons for the big guy.


I like this idea, Tron and Soly have connections to all of the elite clubs.

Could there be a NLU member event at Pine Valley next year? I think there could.


Why stop there? Lets make it a year long series, CP, PV, ANGC


You guys being excited about the refuge cracks me up, but I’m glad that’s the case. I get worried sometimes when we lose our way that you guys might get too embarrassed of this place.

Can’t think of anything specific - but it’s gotta be cool for you guys to see people networking and meeting up on here all the time. Having events/outings seems to be a good direction for membership but not sure how that would play out globally…


The most obvious answer is first access to future NLU events


Yeah, ironically enough I couldn’t get into the CommonGrounds event because the signup went live when I was LITERALLY playing CommonGrounds and it sold out in .04 seconds apparently.


NLU Golf Club Atlas


Things I would want to see:

  • A sense of incentive beyond what the baseline content has. Regardless of how it’s spun, it’d have to be a paywall of sorts. Does that manifest itself in specific member only merch? a 1000 greens like reciprocity of members’ clubs that the current golfing societies are built on? Meetups only for members? I would think that being a true member of NLU is going to make me feel on an inner circle…that’s what membership is about anyways? I don t know the exact product or structure to make that feeling, but that would be the objective in my mind.
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Tough to say. If you’re not going to provide additional content solely for Patreons, I think you’re kind of limited. Certainly there could be Patreon-only meet-ups, or at least early registration to events. I guess discounts on different merchandise each month could be a thing.

My lack of ideas aside, I would be happy to contribute a small some each month to support what you guys are doing. Especially if you’re not withholding content, and nobody’s being forced to pay, you shouldn’t be shy or ashamed to provide the option for those who are willing to do so.


Another way of thinking about it: what goal are the NLU boys working backwards from and how do our contributions help drive towards that objective. If $20 from us helps increase your delivery speed by X%, that would make it interesting for me. (sorry, too much corporate speak).

I’m less concerned with receiving a free ball marker or other gear that I’ll likely lose. Feeling like a small time angel investor that helps you guys reach an interesting goal is more exciting to me. Of course, in lieu of a return when you exit, some access would be nice :).


I’m down to pay any type of reasonable amount to support the cause.

Also have a feeling this thread may turn into a dumspter fire so I am definitely here for that as well.