NLU June Mailbag


I’ve never called it the US PGA Championship. It’s just the PGA. Yeah, we have PGA tournaments here but none of them are majors so there’s no confusion. Can’t speak for the Australians but I’d pretty sure they’d be chuffed if a golf major Championship was brought to Oz. You could have it hosted by people in different countries. Oz could be Greg Norman, Adam Scott and Jason Day. South Africa could be Ernie Els. Germany could be Kaymer and Langer. Harrington could host Ireland. It would be awesome.

I just think it would give it its own identity. Everyone always says the PGA is the forgotten major no one cares about. But touring it would change that significantly.

I think if they ever go to a World Tour it’ll happen. But that may be a generation away. 15-20 years.


One more question for the June Mailbag: Will there be a June Mailbag?

One last question for the June Mailbag: Were our questions really that bad?


I’m in favor, BUT that dog has got to practically be police-dog trained.