NLU June Mailbag


I dont think that would sit well with Fed Ex


Which courses would you guys love to see a major at, but know there is no chance it will ever happen?


If you could choose any NLU member to putt a 15 footer to win a big match, who do you absolutely not pick, and why is it @tron ?


Drain a 15-footer? This has to be @randy. The dude is on another planet when it comes to ZERO fuqs.


In an alternate universe where all golf courses were willing to open their doors for tournament play, how would you re-work the PGA tour schedule? Keeping the majors and players in their existing spots, how would you route the big tour around the country?

Could the FedEx cup become a #LongIslandSwing ???


Sparked by the story of Chris Kirk cold topping his shot at Memorial:
Aside from that, what are the worst shots you’ve each seen in person by a tour pro?


When can we expect some proper coverage of the World Long Drive Championships?


Who are your favorite PGA sponsors and why? Aside from the club and clothing outfitters. Could include logo, gear, commercials, sponsor tents etc.


What about a 4 city swing of Philly, NY/Metro, Boston, and a rotating fourth for the Tour Championship? Or maybe mix up the order every year and have the last city host two events?

  1. With his T-8 this past weekend at the Italian Open, can we safely declare that Danny Willett is BACK?

  2. I regard a NLU/Fried Egg/Buck Club jointly-hosted pro-am as inevitable. Who would the pro playing partners be for each am?

Proposed pairings:

Soly - Justin Thomas
Tron - Zac Blair
Big Randy - Rickie Fowler
AJ - Ogilvy
DJ - Luck
Merch Czar - Jason Day

  1. When are you going to start doing live shows with a studio audience?


Andy will wipe the floor. dude is a stick


When are we going to have a contest where the winner gets to play a round with the NLU crew? Maybe at a Callaway corporate outing?


I’ve seen this comment a lot. Where are you getting this info from?


Andy is an Elite Amateur!!


Dude can play golf! Thanks for sharing.


I don’t know…this looks like classic back-posting and handicap manipulation that CPG preaches in his junior clinics.

Kidding kidding, yea he’s good.


Andy hasnt tee’d it up in 2018? seems like handicap manipulation?!


With the Tiger National leaving the DC area, what if anything should be given to DC in terms of golf tournaments? Web tour? Satisfied with the occasional Congressional open (which is pretty rare) and/or women’s event at places like Trump? Or does DC just stink such that it doesnt deserve a golf tournament?


Here’s an interesting question that I’ve heard bounced around before but it never seems to go anywhere - how do you all feel about the PGA going overseas so another major is non-US every couple of years?

Personally I’d love it. It’s the only one really that can and if you want to grow the game imagine the PGA touring the world every second year. Australia. New Zealand. South Africa. Japan. Korea. Hong Kong. South America. Ireland. Spain…


But the Australians and Europeans call it the US PGA Championship now…what would they call it then?