NLU June Mailbag


I need some more details about Randy’s experience working for Boyne Highlands referenced in the most recent Trap Draw pod. Which courses did he like/dislike, would he recommend it for a guys trip, what stuff he didn’t like, unique or interesting stories, etc.


Why isn’t the NCAA Mens Golf National Championship more popular? The Telecast was good(lots of golf shots), but I need more coverage of earlier rounds. Nobody wants to watch Morning Drive for 4 hours away.

The drama of match play is everything we love about watching team events, and the College Football fan crossover is just too easy. Seems as though it would be easy to get a better deal.


Any update on the Tourist Sauce Series?


What are the chances Tiger makes the 2020 Olympics? If he’s even close to making it, how far does NBC go to have him there? I can already see him carrying the flag/doing god knows what in the Olympic Village.


If Tiger wins a major or two by 2020 and is back in full flow, I’d pay good money to see him in a Kardashian style reality show, plowing his way through the female athletes like a God.


What player is overall the most dislked by NLU?


For real though… Tourist Sauce? Literally have been salivating for months over it


I can recommend it for a trip. Played the Heather course last year. Awesome.


What have you learned about professional golfers/the professional game since you started NLU and now do it full time that has surprised you the most in both a positive way? What has surprised you in a negative way. Not looking to put anyone on blast, but always like to see behind the curtain of the pro game.


What “Player X Island” have you guys lived on, long after it looked like the player was never going to make the leap? For instance, the jury is obviously still out, but I remain convinced Thomas Pieters wins three majors before it’s all said and done (and two of them are green jackets).

I imagine there’s somebody out there who still thinks Ty Tryon’s going to be a perennial Ryder Cup participant once he puts it all together.

[Non-Anthony Kim edition, please.]


You’re tied for the lead looking to win your first major. In a perfect world, what yardage and what club does the NLU Crew want to pull to set themselves up for a birdie and the win?


Callaway, Callaway, Rogue, Odyssey, Callaway, murdered out irons, Callaway, Chromesoft X, Graphene.



There’s enough options in the arsenal that I think it makes sense to cover.


All in.


Rickie Fowler? …I kid I kid

  • What have you guys found to be the most fun thing about golf? How has this transformed over time? (Different from why you love golf)
  • Related to above question, what are some thing you wish you knew about golf (and how to have fun playing golf) earlier in your golfing lives? How can this be used when bringing others into the game?
  • Is Freddie destined to be a player, caddie, analyst, governing body, journalist, instructor or announcer?
  • Down for dogs on the course? @djpie


Do you think Furyk will use one of his captain’s pick’s on Spieth this year?


hes 4th in the standings…


Kyle Porter currently drafting a CEASE AND DESIST for stealing his Rory McIlroy joke.


Despite plans to move the WGC Bridgestone from Firestone to Memphis, would it not instead make sense to relocate to Europe? With the PGA moving back to May, it would give a number of the top US players a chance to play their summers in Europe between the end of the US Open and the start of the playoffs. In doing so this would surely be a step further to creating a world tour. Would love to hear your guys’ thoughts on this move